Playing The Game

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"Playing The Game"

Playing The Game....

Get Comfortable:
It's not true that a big bat helps you hit the ball farther. If you feel good swinging it, then that's all that matters. The same goes for your batting stance---find something that feels comfortable.

NO Fear:
There is no way that you can flinch when a pitcher lets go of the ball and expect to hit it. You need to stay in there and rely on your natural reactions at the plate.

Head Down:
Keep your head and shoulders down when you swing. I've gotten hit and hurt by pitches because I was "flying Open" on my swing. Opening up exposes everything, so step toward the pitcher when you swing.

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Here Comes The Pitch:
Try to pick up the ball as early as you can. That helps keep your head down, your shoulders square and your hands back behind the ball.

Be Confident:
Most importantly, you must have confidence to hit, so get out there and practice !!

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