Championship Teams

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***Championship Teams!!!***

2016  REDS  (Men's Division) Champions
2016 POSSE (Co-ed Division) Champions
2016 Mustache Stash Cash  (Men's Commissioner Cup) Champuions
2015 REDS (Men's Division)  Champions
2015  OUTLAWS (Men's Division)  Commissioner's Cup Champion
2015 POSSE (Co-ed Division) Back to Back Champions
2015 TAP (Co-ed Division)  Commissioner's Cup Champions
2014 Tigers (Men's B Division) Champions
2014  Hitmen (Men's B Division) Commissioner's Cup Champions
2014  POSSE  (Co-ed Division)  Champions
2014  Weekend Swingers  (Co-ed Division)  Commissioner's Cup Champions
2013 Cardinals (Men's B Division)  Champions
2013 Powerless Tools (Men's B Division) Commissioner's Cup Champions
2013 Young Guns  (Co-ed Division) Champions
2013  Forfeit (Co-ed Division) Commissioner's Cup Champions
2012  Expos   (Men's A Division) Champions
2012  Wolfpack  (Men's B Division) Champions
2012 Road Warriors (Men's Division) Commissioner's Cup Champions
2012 White Sox (Co-ed Division) Champions
2012 Weekend Swingers (Co-ed Division) Commissioner's Cup Champions
2011 Violators (Men's Division) Champions
2011 White Sox (Co-ed Division) Champions
2011 Toyota Of Manhattan (Men's Division) Commissioner's Cup Champions
2011 CAPICUA (Co-ed Division) Commissioner's Cup Champions
2010 Violators (Men's Division) Champions
2010 Black Ducks (Co-ed Division) Champions
2010 Most Wanted (Men's Division) Commissioner Cup Champions
2010 Weekend Swingers (Co-ed Division) Commissioner Cup Champions
2009 SAME DAY (Men's Division Champions)
2009 Renegades (Co-ed Division Champions)
2009 WBC (Men's Division) Commissioner Cup Champions
2009 Urban Express (Co-ed Division) Commissioner Cup Champions
Men's Past Champions
2008 Merge With CPSL
Cardinals CPSL Champions
2008 Gunn Sports (On Vacation)
2007 Cardinals
2006 Cardinals
2005 Hit Squad
2004 Murderers Row
2003 Young Pro's
2002 Red Dawgs
2001 Sabroso
2000 Reds
1999 Reds
1998 Detroit
1997 Reds
1996 Reds
1995 Baseball Strike/No League
1994 Freddys Stars
1993 Chiefs
1992 X-Ray's
1991 Blue Devils
1990 Blue Jays