Be a Ride Leader

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Come Ride with the Team!

One great thing about our program is that parents can participate with their kids in practices. In fact, not only do we WANT you to ride with us, we NEED you to ride!


Help Where You Can  

Are you a beginner? We have beginner riders that need your supervision—so come and learn how to ride with them! Only can ride once a week? Or once every couple of weeks? Great! You can still have fun with the team. Come join us.


The more kids we have on the team, the more adults we need at practices. If you can ride a bike, you can help.


If you want to certify to ride with the team, email us at so we can send you a Pit Zone invite to begin the process.


Choose Your Level of Involvement

In order to ride with the team, parents must meet NICA’s minimum training and certification standards. But don’t worry. It’s not too difficult or time consuming. There are three levels of participation:


LEVEL 1 – RIDER (Age 18+): This is the minimum requirement to ride with our students. At Level 1, you can ride with the team but cannot lead a group or a practice. It shouldn’t take more than two hours to complete. Requirements:

    1. Register at Pit Zone (Make sure you are signed in as yourself, not your student)
    2. Fill out participation agreement and coach licensing in Pit Zone
    3. Pass the annual background check; initiated through Pit Zone. ($38.00 first year, $11.00 thereafter)
    4. Complete Concussion Training, then upload your certificate to Pit Zone
    5. Watch Risk Management Level 1 video (in Litmos, accessed via Pit Zoneand pass the quiz
    6. Watch the NICA Student-Athlete Coaching Philosophy in Pit Zone
    7. Login to Pit Zone to confirm the status of your certifications


LEVEL 2 – RIDE LEADER (Age 21+): You can lead a specific group within a team, and you are allowed to plan practices under Head Coach Supervision. Our team needs as many Level 2 certified Ride Leaders as possible to ensure we can hold practices. This certification takes more time because of First Aid training and field work. Requirements:

    1. Complete or renew all of Level 1 requirements, including:
    2. Watch Risk Management 2 video (in Litmos, accessed via Pit Zone) and pass the quiz
    3. Certify in First Aid/CPR
    4. Complete NICA On-the-Bike Skills training 
    5. Do 20 hours+ of field work 
    6. Login to Pit Zone to check the status of your certifications.


LEVEL 3 – FULL COACH (Age 21+): You can plan practices and lead groups. This level is empowered to plan ride schedules and training plans as directed by Head Coach. At Level 3, you can also become a Head Coach or Team Director. Click here to review the list of NICA requirements and get started on the path to certification. 


For more information or help, contact our team’s coaching staff at