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Team Items

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·    Recognition at 
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 * Will be included if sponsorship and artwork is provided prior to final design approval for clothing items. 

The Largest League in the Nation

Did you know that Utah has a student cross-country mountain biking league? The Utah High School MTB League ( was established in 2012 and now boasts over 3,000 student athletes and 80 co-ed teams, including 900+ volunteer coaches, countless race volunteers, and staff. It’s the largest the United States—and its growing every year! 

A Sport with No Bench

Unlike other high school sports, mountain biking has no “bench,” which means every student athlete can participate, regardless of their skill level. The program allows a full range of students—including many on the autistic spectrum or with mental disabilities—to be on the team. It is often lifechanging for the kids. With every pedal stroke, they gain confidence, strength, character, and the drive to be a positive influence on others.

Unfortunately, Costs Add Up…

Because the sport is unsanctioned by Utah’s high schools, teams receive no financial support from their schools. The program is run entirely by parents and volunteers who work tirelessly to instill the love of mountain biking, trail etiquette, and sense of community into the team. In the end, every team must rely on private donations and local sponsors. 

Without sponsorships, student athletes must bear all equipment, uniform, and registration costs to participate. Unfortunately, this is often cost prohibitive for many Jordan High School students—especially low-income students. But we want to say “yes” to every kid who wants to ride, so we need your help. 

Every Bit Helps 

Whether you contribute as an individual or as a business, any amount helps change kids’ lives by helping them participate. If you’re interested in supporting the team in other ways, please contact us. Your contribution will help students with everything from bike jerseys and support equipment to race fees and first aid supplies. All contributions stay with the Jordan team.

What Your Contribution Covers

Your donation will be applied to help kids pay required league fees, team fees (for shared equipment), and team uniforms. Because our organization is run by volunteers, nothing is paid to coaches or ride leaders. Also, donated funds will not be applied to bike purchases—unless we receive an (unlikely) surplus of donations, in which case, funds may be used to assist low-income student-athletes.

You Can Make an Impact

Your support means that more kids can join the team, make friends, develop skills, and improve their lives. On behalf of Jordan High School’s mountain biking team, thank you!