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CHEER 2019

The following points are meant to stress the importance that both participant and parents need to be aware of and the
time and personal commitment involved in this team sport. 
  • Practice/Season officially begins August 1, 2019.


  • Cheerleading is a Team Sport. We expect a high level of commitment for the team. There are no try-outs children are placed on teams according to their grade. Dance and Gymnastics experience is strongly recommended.


  • Prior to the first day of practice each cheerleader must provide a copy of their birth certificate. ** Birth Certificates are not required for returning participants.


  • Each cheerleader is expected to attend ALL practices, games, and competitions.


  • If your daughter is absent, she and her teammates will not have the benefit of practicing as a full squad.  Each squad performs as a team – not as individuals. All girls are placed in a stunt group and if one girl misses ~ the entire stunt group cannot practice.


  • Once the season begins, if you must be absent from a practice or game, due to illness, school or religious reasons, you are to notify your Team Head Coach directly and promptly. No exceptions will be made for choreography practice and competitions!


  • Practices will be 3 days a week for Green & Gold Team and White Team (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) prior to Labor Day beginning in August and 3 days a week post-Labor Day for Green & Gold Team, 2 days a week for White Team & 1 day a week for K-2nd Team. Choreography will be on a weekend in late August for Green & Gold Team. Once school begins, cheer teams will practice indoors. Practice days will vary depending on each team's designated facility. A schedule for each team will be given prior to moving indoors.  
  • Choreography is MANDATORY! If you miss choreography you will not have a place in the routine we use for competing. For Green & Gold this takes place the end of August or beginning of September and will be on a weekend. 
  • Promptness is crucial for a successful practice session. Arrive on time and be sure to use the restroom prior to the start of practice.  Wear appropriate clothing – hair pulled back in a ponytail, socks and cheer shoes, no jewelry, no gum, no long nails, no sandals and/or flip flops. Absolutely no cell phone use unless to call parent(s). 


  • Please do not leave your cheerleader unattended at a practice or game until you have visual confirmation that an adult coach is present. Cheerleaders should never be dropped at the entrance of a facility. Please walk your cheerleader in and meet her outside the gym at the conclusion of practice. If you find that you will be more than 5 minutes late to pick up your cheerleader please call your team coach immediately or make other arrangements to have someone pick up your cheerleader.   


  • Once practices move inside they are closed to any visitors. While parents and friends make a great audience, they also can provide an easy distraction. Distractions can be a safety issue. 


  • Cheerleading practices and games are never “optional”. Your cheerleader will be performing in all kinds of weather. It may be hot, cold, raining and even snowing. Please plan for these conditions and know your cheerleader is expected to attend these practices and games (and stay to the conclusion) no matter what the weather or temperature, unless you are otherwise notified by your Team Head Coach.  


  • There will be a team stunt/gymnastics class set up at a gymnastics facility. Stunting and gymnastics is a big part of cheer and we want our girls to be able to compete to the best of their ability.


  • Safety is our number one consideration. Under no circumstances will a participant be allowed to participate in practice or a game without the required uniform, adequate practice participation and/or physician clearance to return to participation after an illness or injury. If the team coach determines that there is a player safety issue, that child will be removed immediately from any further participation until the safety issue has been satisfactorily resolved – NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Cheerleaders are required to attend practice time for as much as (1) one hour prior to each game. If you do not attend the practice for that time, your participation in the half time performance is at the Team Coach’s discretion – this is a safety issue.


  • Each cheerleader should arrive in full uniform, ready to cheer, meaning: eaten a healthy meal, visited the restroom, hair pulled back in high ponytail with game ribbon/bow in place. Cheerleaders are required to stay with their team from the time they arrive before the game until the game has ended.   


  •  It is extremely important that every cheerleader and parent be aware that the White Team and Green & Gold Team are Competitive Cheer Squads. These teams will compete at several competitions at the local high schools on weekends running October 19th - November 16th.


  • All competitions are mandatory!


  • Videos of our routines, competition and half-time, should never be posted in a public forum (such as youtube or Facebook) until our competition season is over.


  • Indoor practice locations will be determined in August or September based upon availability.  We will make every effort to keep practices close to the football practice to accommodate families with participants in both cheer and football.


  • We will post a game schedule the end of August/ beginning of September. You should be prepared to cheer every Saturday in September and October and into November.  Please be aware, the season is not officially over after the last regular season game; competition and play-offs are also mandatory and typically extend into mid-November. The season starts the 1st Saturday after Labor Day, September 7th!


  • Please note that game times and locations are not set by us but by The Jr. Skylands Conference. It is normal that your daughter will have a game at the same time each week, but know that this time is subject to change. If there is a change you will be notified. We play (on average) 4 home games (at North Hunterdon High School). The remaining games of the season are away. You will be given directions to the away fields via our website. White team will play all home games at Round Valley School or North Hunterdon High School unless otherwise notified. Green & Gold Team cheers at ALL home and away games.


  • Having all squad members present at practices is particularly crucial for our competitions. Please be advised this will have an impact on the girls needing to be available for practice and/or competitions during NJ Teachers Convention Week.  Please be advised there may be a mandatory practice scheduled the Friday before a competition.


  • Please be cooperative and respectful of your coaches, both adult and student. All are volunteers!  Parents, if you have concerns with any of your daughter’s coaches, please wait until after practice or game to address all concerns with the Commissioner only.


  • Each girl will be provided a uniform to be returned at the end of the season. The uniform will consist of a skirt, shell (vest), warm-up jacket and warm-up pants.   


  • Parents are required to provide practice uniforms (camp wear) and hygienic wear. These items are available for purchase through a  vendor that we will choose. You will be notified about what items you will need to purchase.


  • It takes a considerable amount of money to purchase equipment and run the entire program. Registration does not cover our entire operating budget. For this reason we will need to participate in fundraising activities throughout the season. Our aim is not to burden the families with theses activities but to provide carefully selected programs that are simple, rewarding to both the league and our participants, and provides a value to those who support our efforts. 


  • Parents are asked to volunteer to help. During the summer, team moms or coaches will inquire as to the availability of each family.  Most jobs are simple and require a minimal amount of time on the part of the family. Remember, this is a volunteer organization for the benefit of your child. If you feel you can add or help out in any way, please feel free to talk with your coach or team mom.  There is always something you can do to help out.