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 Who can join Jr. Lions Cheerleading?
Girls entering K-8th grade in September 2019 



What are the dates of the season?  

Jr. Lions Cheerleading runs from

July 29th – November 24th


  How are teams set-up for 2019?

 K-2nd Grade - Lil' Lions Team

3rd & 4th Grade – White Team

 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grade – Green & Gold Team


What are the practice schedules? 

Summer practices run August 1st – August 31st

Summer Practice days and times: 

 Lil's K-2 team will practice 2 nights a week

6-7:30pm in the summer

            White, Green & Gold Teams will practice Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 6-8:00pm in the summer


  Practice location:  North Hunterdon High School


Starting in September practice nights are set for

Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays

Lil's K-2 Team will practice 1 time per week ~

Wednesday 6-7:30pm 

 White Team will practice 2 times per week ~

Tuesday & Thursday 6-8:00pm 

 Green & Gold Team will practice 3 times per week ~

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6-8:00pm  

 ******Please be advised: Practice times may be changed due to scheduling conflicts within practice areas and coach schedules. We will never practice before 5:30pm or beyond 8:30p.m.******  


What are the game schedules? 
 Green & Gold Team - 
Saturdays 7:30 p.m. HOME and AWAY

 White Team - Saturdays Daytime or 5:00 p.m.

Lil's Lions Team - Saturday mornings


 What are the approximate fees involved?


Email if you have any questions

Lil' Lions K-2 Team $140 per girl registration fee and purchase of hygienic wear, practice outfit, white cheer shoes, and poms

White Team $320 per girl registration fee and purchase of hygienic wear, practice outfits, white cheer shoes, and poms

 Green & Gold Team $320 per girl registration fee and purchase of hygienic wear, camp/practice outfits, white cheer shoes, and poms. Pine Forest Camp Fee is $300 per girl 
($75 non refundable camp deposit required at registration). 

   Save $20 if register by April 1st!!!

Lil Lions K-2 Team $120

White Team $300

Green & Gold Team $300



Is there a fundraising requirement? 

All cheerleaders are required to participate in fundraising activities! This season we expect to have several opportunities for tag days (mandatory) as well as other fundraisers.

What are the opportunities for camp?

There are 3 camps that are MANDATORY for Green & Gold Team.

There are 2 camps offered for White Team, 1 is MANDATORY* and 1 is strongly encouraged to attend.

The 1st is a day camp experience at North Hunterdon High School. It's typically held last week of July or first week of August from 9:00am - 12:00pm

The  2nd camp experience is limited to girls on the Green & Gold Team and is a MANDATORY requirement for participation. This camp is an overnight that runs from August 15th – 18th at the Nationally Renowned Pine Forest Cheer Camp in the Pocono Mountains.

The 3rd is a stunt clinic* the Green & Gold and White Teams attend, which is run by the nationally ranked North Hunterdon Varsity Cheerleaders. It usually takes place in September or early October. During this clinic teams clean up stunts for the approaching competition season.  

What are the opportunities for Cheerleading Competitions?

The primary goal for the Jr. Lions Cheerleaders is to support the football program. We cheer at games in all kinds of weather. We do also attend Cheerleading Competitions. The Jr. Lions White, Green & Gold Teams are competition teams and will typically compete four times per season in October and November.  The Lil' Lions exhibition once 
during the season.  All competitions are sponsored by local high schools and are governed by UCA competition rules.

There may be a MANDATORY practice Friday night before a competition. If your child is unable to make this practice they will not be able to cheer in the competition the following day.

Choreography will be scheduled end of August or the beginning of September. Choreography practice is MANDATORY for all cheerleaders on the White and Green & Gold Teams. If your child is unable to make any of these practices they will not be able to compete for the entire season.**********



If you have any questions please contact 

Tracy Schwierk at