Lisle Wolves Baseball

The Lisle Wolves is the travel baseball program affiliated with Lisle Baseball-Softball.  The Wolves provide a more competitive experience for boys ages 8 and older through their two entities - Part Time Travel and Full-Time Travel. 

The Part-Time Travel program allows for boys who play in-house to compete in tournaments following the end of their in-house season.  This offers families the opportunity to experience a higher level of baseball while keeping the distance traveled to a minimum.  Tryouts for Part-Time Travel occur annually in February. 

The Full-Time Travel program is for those looking for a highly competitive environment.  There is a large time commitment and fiscal cost associated with playing Full-Time Travel as the teams will play out of state.  Tryouts for the Full-Time program occur in either late July or early August each year.

For any questions/inquiries, please contact Chris Pollizi, Travel Director.


Lisle Wolves 9U - Mike Monroe, Head Coach

Lisle Wolves 10U - Chris Pollizi, Head Coach

Lisle Wolves 11U - Mike McGrath, Head Coach

Lisle Wolves - 12U - Rich Roehn, Head Coach

Lisle Wolves 13U - Tom Wirsing, Head Coach 

Lisle Wolves - 14U - Todd Roos, Head Coach