MGSA History

The MGSA (formerly MGHLSA) was formed in 1983 as an umberella organization to provide ball for areas without sufficient registration to establish their own house league. A secondary purpose was to coordinate rules and tournament dates; and to offer assistance in whatever way possible to maintain and improve house league softball. In the 1985 season, our third, there were approximately 450 girls playing softball in the MGHLSA.

In 1986 there were 18 member associations. Projected numbers were 11 to 13 Novice teams, 22 to 24 Bantam teams, and 12 or 13 Midget teams.

It is currently unknown when or why the Novice division ceased play, however it was reinstated in 2001. 2001 also saw the introduction of a Squirt divison to the MGHLSA. These two divisions were added as most of the member associations had seen their registration numbers dwindle to the point that it was no longer possible to run a standalone house league division. Given the success of the interlock at the Squirt and Novice divisions in 2001, the Mite division was added in 2002.

Following the 2004 season, the MGHLSA was renamed to the MGSA, while still keeping its house league focus.

In 2006, the MGSA is comprised of six member associations fielding a total of 39 teams.
Mite - 8 teams
Squirt - 8 teams
Novice - 8 teams
Bantam - 8 teams
Midget - 7 teams

We are always looking for any historical information on the MGSA / MGHLSA such as division champions, number of teams, minutes of past meetings, or anything else of note. Please e-mail us at with any pertinent information