The history of the Mount Pearl Men's Slo-Pitch Softball League, as posted in the "The Pearl" newspaper.



The Mount Pearl Men's Slo-Pitch Softball League originated in 1978 when six (6) teams from the community of Mt. Pearl began playing softball on the  St. David’s Field..


These teams were comprised from players in Mt. Pearl and each team, for the most part, represented the streets they lived on. Players would prepare the field i.e. remove rocks from the field , mow the grass etc. to play ball.


The first president of the league was Robert Lopez. The league currently has an executive  of ten (10) members. The leagues became incorporated  in 1993.  As of this year a total

 of eleven (11) presidents have served the league including the current  president Stan Linstead.


The league grew in stages going from 6 to 8 to 14 and then to 16 teams as it is today. As a result of this growth the league sought out various sponsors for the teams. Over the  past 35 years (circa) there  have  been well over 50 different sponsors  lending  their assistance  to the  league.


Much of the success of this league can be contributed to all the  players , past and  present, who understood and accepted  the spirit of the  league which was to play ball, have  fun and  meet new  friends.


To ensure league parity a process of selecting players ,who are rated according to skill level, and a draft  is held every year to fill 16 rosters with each team having a total of 15 players each. Each team can also select a former player from the ex-players who still want to be a part of the game but can no longer play. This person assists the team captain and co-captain in managing the team.


The season schedule consists of 15 games a round with 2 rounds. The top 8 teams  continue to play in a playoff format for the Clayton Jacobs Memorial Trophy and  the  league  championship , and  the  bottom 8 teams  play a playoff  format  for the  Charlie  Sing Memorial Trophy.


The first Dinner and Dance for the league was held in 1978 at the Lions Club in Mt. Pearl. The cost was $ 5.00 per person and chicken was served.


The league had its first mortgage burning ceremony in 2004 at St. David’s Field. In 2013 the league moved from St. David’s Field to its present venue , Richard Levandier Sports Complex .



Besides playing ball the league is very active in the community in making financial contributions and participating  in various events. The league offers four (4)

$ 500.00 scholarships to children/grandchildren of members each year. We visit the Janeway Hostel on Mother’s Day and  prepare  breakfast for the parents  that are staying  there with of  course  particular attention to the  moms that day.  We have provided financial contributions to various organizations i.e. Canadian Cancer Society , Mt. Pearl Special Olympics, Food Bank , Royal Canadian Legion, et al.


We have two active playing members in our league  who were part of the  original league 40 years ago and who have not missed a season , Steve Bugden and Wally Westcott.  Congratulations  !!!

Wondering what our league does for the community every year?

Every year the Mount Pearl Men's Slo-Pitch Softball League gets involved with many of the Cities groups to help out in any way we can.

By using our strong membership base and a portion of our registration fee (in case you didn't know.... $10 from everyone’s registration goes toward the fund that allow us to do the following) we have been able to support the following groups:

  • School Lunch Program by helping to fund the program at the following schools:
    • Mary Queen of the World
    • St. Peter's Elementary
  • The Janeway Hospital
  • The Childrens Wish Foundation
  • The Special Olympics
  • Local Food Banks with proceeds from our annual "Food/Charity Tournament"
  • Local minor sporting groups

The League issues multiple scholarships (totaling nearly $25,000 over the last 12 years) for children/grandchildren of league members who are completing high school and are moving on to post-secondary institutions.

Our newest project involved setting up a fund to help players/players families who may need the help for whatever reason. This fund is replenished yearly by funds raised during our Super Sundays.

And you just thought you were only playing ball!

K&D Cup winners - (Division A)


1981 – Hostess   1982 – Brick Shirt House
D. Sheppard R. Chafe P. Kennedy   F. Carlisle D. Bishop B. Quigley
D. Connolly L. Park D. Bugden   R. Pellerin B. Norburg B. Baker
L. Neville G. Tobin E. Bailey   C. Sing R. Tobin G. Hutchings
C. Jacobs E. McCarthy G. Keith   B. Rose N. Reddy E. Legge
J. Doody J. Manning H. Collins   R. Bavis H. Alyward B. Martin
  T. Nash          
1983 - Dagbest Printing   1994 – Dagbest Printing
Harold Puddicome Steve Stockley Ed McCarthy   Steve Bugden Ron Squires Sr. Mike Murphy
Steve Bugden Frank Pennell Maurice O'Brien   Derm Connolly Bob Chafe Dave Woolridge
Dave Strange John Doody Dave Bugden   Harry Ralph Charlie Singh Kevin Power
John Phillips Ron Thistle Ben King   Wally Westcott Keith Johnson Charles Moores
Bruce Martin Lorne Newell Larry Mefford   Harold Puddicombe Jim Baird Ron Thistle
1985 - Brick Shirt House    1986 - Maxell Tapes
H. Puddicombe E. Bailey D. Vicars   R. Chafe A. Heffernan J. Doody
W. Ball H. Stapleton G. Wolfe   K. James J. Phillips K. Humber
D. Connolly R. Murray G. Tavenor   G. Parsons G. Handcock E. Chipman
B. Jenkins R. Downey R. Royle   B. Maloney H. Janes R. Tobin
B. Rose M. O'Brien     R. O'Brien G. Mason R. Bavis
 1987 - Maxell Tapes    1988 - Pizza Experts
Ron Chafe Brian Maloney John Predham   Des Power Jim Everard Dave LeGrow
Wince Crocker Jim Manuel Gerard Smith   Bill Baker Frank Howell Gerry Parsons
Gary Grant Ed McCarthy Bob Tobin   Cal Button Roger Vincent Jack Pearce
Ray Lake Ton Nash Wally Westcott   Wince Crocker Hank Janes John Predham
Dave Lewis John Phillips     Frank Cummings John Janes Ed Cliver
 1989 – Novacom    1990 – Novacom
H. Puddicombe N. Reddy D. Parsley   Harold Puddicombe Ted Connors Dave Murphy
J. Holloway G. Wolfe L. Power   Gerry Attwood Tim Cripps Derm Pender
B. King R. Didham T. Walsh   Bill Balch John Fifield Peter Tucker
D. Murphy P. Kieley J. Walsh   Vern Brinston Jack Halliday Tom Walsh
D. Parsons B. Lockyer     Paul Cole Gerry Holloway Bob Warren
1991 – Diet Pepsi   1992 – Diet Pepsi
Bill Abbott Roland Furlong Graham Goodwin   Bill Abbott Derm Bishop Graham Goodwin
Ray Lake Charlie Moores Dave Neville   Lorne Hogarth Dave Lewis Dave Neville
Gerry Perry Fred Raynes Don Russell   Gerry Parsons Gerry Perry Don Perry
Peter Ryan Jim Sheehan Don Smith   Aubrey Pope Fred Raynes Don Russell
Harry Stapleton Gerald Sturge Garfield Warren   Bill Warren Garfield Warren Gerry Wells
  Glen Wells          
1993 – Provincial Airlines   1994 – City Tire
R. Grouchy F. Howell S. Whelan   F. Bailey F. Blackwood A. Coles
T. Connors A. Martin I. Osmond   J. B. Earles B. Ford L. Gosse
M. Yetman W. Hollett P. Miller   C. Hatch R. P. Hillier P. Kieley
L. Power D. Parsons G. Warren   D. King B. Maloney H. North
T. Lynch R. Quirke J. King   F. Oliver D. Snook K. P. Voisey
1995 - Able Siding & Restoration   1996 - Donovan's Irving
J. McLeod D. Murphy H. Jenkins   Ron Squires Ron Crummell Wayne Peddle
D. Halfyard D. Peet R. Rose   Val Donahue Harry North Ches Rose
B. Wareham A. Callahan B. Warren   Richard Lavandier Wayne Upshall Bob Belbin
B. Ridgley L. Newell P. Young   Paul Raynes Tim Hayward Bob Warren
D. Kieley B. Vincent J. Everard     Greg Dodd  
1997 - Donovan's Irving   1998 - Complete Transport
Ches Rose Bob Belbin Ron Crummell   Lloyd Cadwell Bill Sullivan Ron Sweeney
Greg Dodd Rick Gibbons John Phillips   Rick Greenwood Bob Quirke Jack Constantine
Gord Handcock Derrick Short Paul Boland   Bill Yetman Cyril Taylor Freeman Jarvis
Brian Rogers Cliff Skinner Wayne Upshall   Bob Carew Rick Gibbons Mike Henley
Derrick Walsh Bob Warren Paul Kean     John Sloan  
1999 - Dave Peets Siding & Renovations   2000 - Triton Data Systems
Byron Ridgeley Brett Wareham Dave Murphy   Richard Levandier Gary Beresford Val Donahue
Larry Hunt Doug Pittman Howie Walsh   Rick Didham Jim Hennessey Greg Dodd
Ray Palmer Rollie Furlong Paul Strickland   Joe Gaudon John Pitts Ken Rees
Cy Colbert Wayne Peddle John Power   Darryl Nixon Randy Stone Gus Coombs
Larry Smith Dave Kiell Charlie Follett   Bill Lowe Chris Hatch Dave Cooke
2001 - Grayline Flooring   2002 - Dave Peets Siding & Renovations
Bill Noseworthy Randy Fennessey Gerry Welsh   Brett Wareham Byron Ridgeley Larry Drover
Keon Penney Jack Constantine Shawn Whelan   Ron Sears Phonse Leonard Dave Kiell
Randy Penney Bob Ford Tony Eddy   Jack Constantine Rick Hindy Jim Everard
Andrew Best Roy Spencer Chris Hatch   Ray Palmer Randy Hatcher Rollie Furlong
Howie Vaughan Bob Kirby Frank Ralph   John Gough Don Earles Ron Murphy
2003 - Grayline Flooring   2004 - Newfoundland HVAC
Bill Noseworthy Steve Beer Tony Andrews   Ches Rose Cliff Brown Wayne Barnable
Karl Baker Andrew Best Larry Drover   Keith Blanchard Gus Coombs Greg Dodd
Randy Fennessey John Gough Mike Hawkins   Rick Gibbons Dave Holloway Ed Hynes
Brian LeDrew Chris Locke Dave Murphy   Jim Mallard Rick Rowe Steve Tucker
Terry Power Randy Royle Bob Vey   Wayne Upshall Howie Walsh Bill Hammond
2005 - North Atlantic Petroleum   2006 - Ray Gushue Construction
Gerard Smith Rob Baldwin Bob Carew   Bob Kirby Jon Lazzaro Wayne Barnable
Kevin Collins Greg Cox Ron Croucher   Mike Bowering Baxton Brown Brian Budden
Ray Decker Bob Grant Jerry Hoyles   Charlie Follett Chris Hatch Jerry Hoyles
Greg Lacey Paul Nolan Glen Osbourne   Paul Nolan Chris O'Keefe Gary Parsons
Ray Palmer Gerry Parsons Jim Walsh   Harvey Peddle Jim Peddle Bill Whiteway
  Ed Janes (m)       Deon Cantwell (m)  
2007 - Cal Legrow Insurance   2008 - Dave Peet Siding & Renovations
Freeman Jarvis Randy Wall Ken Andrews   Byron Ridgeley Bret Wareham Steve Bugden
Jim Bishop Rick Boone Brad Ford   Len Butt Brian Cooney Cyril Drover
Craig Hunt Terry Roberts Glen Rose   Paul Hatcher Ray Palmer Jim Rose
Randy Royle Dennis Smith Bill Stoyles   Kasper Saunders Randy Seymour Russ Thomas
Bill Sullivan Tom Woodford Mike Martin   Robert Vey Steve Knight Phonse Leonard
2009 - Cal Legrow Insurance   2010 - Greg Vatcher\Royal Lepage
Randy Wall Rick Boone Jerome St. Croix   Lloyd Cadwell Ron Crummell Cyril Drover
Karl Baker Eric Bannister Wayne Hollett   Glen Sullivan Greg Vatcher Wayne Peddle
Paul Kieley Phonse Leonard Jim Oates   Blair Thistle Rafe Bavis Paul Brake
Ron Sears Ivan Sheppard Dennis Smith   Darryl Drover Chris Noftle Shane Curnew
Paul Nolan Russ Thomas Dave Whelan   Jim Rose Mike Wells Carl Noseworthy
  Freeman Jarvis (m)          
2011 - Dave Peet Siding & Renovations   2012 - The Rug Room
B. Ridgeley S. Beer J. Ridgeley   Brian Lake Jamie Aylward Jim Bishop
G. Battcock C. Drover T. Walsh   Dave Cook Dave Cooney Paul Dowden
J. Constantine R. Smith B. Wareham   Mike Frelich Ed Hynes Phonse Leonard
D. Warren M. Hagerty D. James   Carl Noseworthy Bill Newell Robert Reid
L. Drover T. Walsh D. Chislett   Ron Smith Tom Walsh Derrick Hancock
  S. Hillier (m)          
2013 - City Tire & Auto Centre   2014 - Cal Legrow Insurance
R. Forristall G. Beresford T. Andrews   Randy Wall Rick Boone Dave Aker
W. Collins J. Constantine J. Gillis   Chris Combden Gary Crocker Mike Frelich
M. Hagerty M. Hawkins G. Thomas   Trevor Kearsey Brian LeDrew Brett Ludlow
H. Walsh T. Walsh J. Mallard   Bill Newell Norm Penney Joe Ridgeley
J. Lazzaro M. Joy B. Jenkins   Dennis Smith Greg Vardy Bill Witeway
  B. Vincent (m)       Freeman Jarvis (m)  
2015 - Cal Legrow Insurance   2016 - Cal Legrow Insurance
Randy Wall Rick Boone Dave Aker   Randy Wall Rick Boone Nelson Bradbury
Jim Bishop Nelson Bradbury Stephen Bragg   Charles Chatman Brian Cooney Shane Curnew
Gary Bulger Tobias Crawley Herb Jenkins   Randy Hatcher Brian LeDrew Clarence Callahan
Trevor Kearsey Dave Kiell Dean Layman   Denis Leonard Chris Martin Val Nazarenko
Randy Seymour Lee Sheppard Andrew Spurrell   Randy Seymour Steve Slaney Greg Vardy
Greg Vardy Freeman Jarvis (m)       Freeman Jarvis (m)  




Lifetime Achievement Award Winners


1997 - Ron Squires                 1998 - Bill Vincent                1999 - Tom Nash                2000 - Not Awarded

2001 - Mel Rose                      2002 - Bill Thompson*          2003 - Doug Chaytor         2004 - Leo Locke

2005 - Ron Chafe                    2006 - Not Awarded             2007 - John Blackwood      2008 - Tom Walsh

2009 - Tim Hayward                2010 - Bob Ford                   2011 - Richard Levandier   2012 - Dean Rees

2013 - Roy Crocker                 2014 - Lloyd Cadwell           2015 - Dave Legrow           2016 - Larry Hunt*


*  Awarded Posthumously





Most Spirited/Sportmanlike Player


1985 - Bruce Martin                 1986 - Kevin Martin              1987 - Lloyd Greening       1988 - Bernie Sheehan

1989 - Bob Chafe                    1990 - Chris Hatch               1991 - Ron Chafe               1992 - Ron Penney

1993 - Dave Murphy                1994 - Randy Royle             1995 - Len Witten              1996 - Terry Power

1997 - Bob Carew                    1998 - Ron Byrne                 1999 - John Lidstone         2000 - Dan Tucker

2001 - Kevin Collins                 2002 - Freeman Jarvis         2003 - Dave Snook            2004 - Wayne Andrews

2005 - Bob Carew                    2006 - Tom Walsh                2007 - Wally Westcott        2008 - Calvin Burke

2009 - Max Norris                    2010 - Brian Cooney             2011 - Rod Noseworthy/Bob Rideout

2012 - Jim Everard                   2013 - Mike Williams            2014 - Ian Costello            2015 - Kevin Power

2017 - Dion Cantwell