New Player Orientation

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Mount Pearl Men’s Slo-Pitch

New Player Orientation

2016 Season


Welcome To The League!

·    Welcome Message

·    Executive/Board

·    League Structure

·    Team Selection Process

·    Schedule

·    Umpires

·    Specific to MPMSPL

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Player Representative:

Welcome to the Best Slo-Pitch Softball League in Canada!!

You are receiving this orientation pamphlet as you have been selected to play in the best slo-pitch softball league in the Country.  This year the League will be 41 years old and has been a mainstay in the community of Mount Pearl.

The League has certainly grown over the years – that’s an understatement!  But one thing hasn’t changed – why we exist.  This League was built to give guys a friendly game of slo-pitch softball founded on the principles of fair-play, friendly gamesmanship and an over appreciation for one another. 

The founding members realized from the get-go that they were embarking on something amazing.  The League has grown to its current 16 team format and demand for entry has been very positive.

This pamphlet has been designed to give you, the “new guy” a quick overview of a number of components of the League and to ensure you have a solid foundation as you begin, what some say, is a lifetime membership.  Good Luck!!

Stan Linstead, President



The Mount Pearl Men’s Slo-Pitch League is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected each year (for prescribed term limits) at the Annual General Meeting of members.  The Executive Board serves to ensure the League Constitution and Bylaws are adhered to and to ensure players are treated fairly and that the game of slo-pitch softball is enjoyable for all.

The current Executive for 2016-17 are:

President - Stan Linstead

Vice- President - Ford Pollard

Treasurer - Karl Baker

Secretary -

Umpire in Chief - Jerry Keats

Past- President -  Cliff  Brown


Rollie Furlong, Willie Power, Ed Donovan, Craig Stokes


Teams are selected through a draft process by the assigned Captains and Co-captains.  Players are rated via a Ratings Committee.  Players are rated as A, B or C. New players may be assigned a rating based on information gathered by the Ratings Committee. Each year the player ratings are reviewed with possible changes taking place i.e. a player moves from A to B, B to A and so on. This is done to try and provide balance to all the teams.


The League commences play each month of May.  The exact date is determined by the executive and communicated out to members via the League website and the Captain/Co-captains of each team.


Games are played Sunday thru Thursday with the exception of some statutory holidays. When this occurs games go from Monday to Thursday for that week.


Game times are:  5:45 p.m., 7:00 p.m., 8:15 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. The exception to this is when the league has a Super Sunday when all 16 teams play that day.



The league plays 30 games over a two round format.  After the two rounds are concluded the top 8 teams advance to A Division and the bottom 8 teams advance to the B Division.  A third round-robin format will take place (7 additional games in total) and the top 4 teams in each Division move on to play for their respective Division titles.



Players in the League do the umpiring for the games. If you are interested in umpiring (and you are encouraged to do) notify your team Captain and they will arrange for your name to be added to the umpire list for your team. 


Because we do our own umpiring there is a greater onus on the players to respect these players when they are assisting the league in providing this valuable service to us.


The League has a position on abuse of umpires and any player who abuses an umpire, either verbally or physically, will be disciplined by the League up to and  including dismissal from the League. Please respect umpires at all times.



Home Safety Plate- there is a home safety plate other than the regulation home plate. When preceding home from third base this safety plate must be touched. NOT the regulation home plate. A player touching the regulation home plate will be called out. This is a safety initiative for all players.


Courtesy Swing - Many players/teams in the League will swing thru the fourth pitch to avoid a walk. Some may even swing thru more than once!! Players are not required to do this but can if they so choose. Discuss this with your Captain or Co-Captain.


Bats – The League supplies bats for all games. Use of personal bats is strictly prohibited.


Hits to the Outfield– A League rule is that any player who hits a ball through the infield to the outfield will not be thrown out at first base.  All other runners are open to be thrown out while advancing to other bases.


Website – The League operates a website for the members that provides a wealth of information including schedules, team player listings and a message board.  All players are encouraged to access the site as often as needed and especially regarding canceled or rescheduled games.




Just wanted to let you know that I will be your player representative for the upcoming ball season.  If you have any concerns or problems either individually or as a team please bring them forward to me and I will be only too glad to help you out and also bring those concerns to the Executive to be dealt with in a timely fashion.


I’m sure we can all sit down and talk any problems out sensibly and reasonably for the betterment of our great league. Please feel free to contact me at or 368-5476,cell-769-0481.


Welcome to the League and have a great ball season this year and have lots of fun and be thankful we can all get out and enjoy the best league in the world.


Sincerely, Brian Lake





As a member of this League, it is important to know that we are more than just “softball”!!


Every year the Mount Pearl Men's Slo-Pitch Softball League gets involved with many of the Cities groups to help out in any way we can.


By using our strong membership base and a portion of our registration fee (in case you didn't know.... $10 from everyone’s registration goes toward the fund that allow us to do the following) we have been able to support the following groups:


·         School Lunch Program by helping to fund the program at Mary Queen of the World and St. Peter's Elementary

·         The Janeway Hospital

·         The Childrens Wish Foundation

·         The Special Olympics

·         Local Food Banks with proceeds from our annual "Food/Charity Tournament"

·         Local minor sporting groups

·         Ronald McDonald House


The League issues multiple scholarships (totaling nearly $25,000 over the last 12 years) for children/grandchildren of league members who are completing high school and are moving on to post-secondary institutions.


Our newest project involved setting up a fund to help players/players families who may need the help for whatever reason. This fund is replenished yearly by funds raised during our Super Sundays.


And you just thought you were only playing ball!



Have fun, play safe, respect each other and meet lots of new friends!


The Mount Pearl Men’s Slo-Pitch League in no way will be tolerant of drinking and driving. There are 239+ other guys who are more than willing to offer you a ride!!!