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Wow, what can I say about 2020 that has not already been talked about.  This has been a trying spring for everyone, and as a ball league, we are no different.  We have not seen this type of madness since Wally Westcott and Steve Bugden lived through the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918.  All jokes aside, this has put everything that we know on hold.  The light at the end of the tunnel may be visible, but it is a little way off just yet.


As an executive we have had a few meetings of the last little while to keep ourselves up to date on what has been happening around Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and the rest of Canada and the world.  We have been getting updates from the city (although vague) about when we could possibly get back on the field and into our clubhouse.  So here are some of the things we know:


-       -    We will not be allowed into the clubhouse until at least the end of June.  There will be an update on that around the 25th of June with further updates from the city.  We will need the permission from the city to use the field or the clubhouse.

-        -   SPN and NSA softball has been following these decisions as well and have targeted the middle of June as a date when this pandemic will be lowered to Level 3.  Thus, allowing some sporting groups to return to play.  However, this seems to point more to smaller groups such as golf or tennis.

-         -   At Level 3 we are hearing that groups would be limited to 20 people or less as long as some form of social distancing is practiced.  What does that mean?  It means no more than 20 people at the field at a time.  10 per team and that is not counting umpires.  Players would not be allowed to congregate in the dugouts but would have to spread out along the fence.  Players for the next game would not be allowed around the field.


As an Executive, we want to make one thing clear.  Our number one priority is to the safety of the membership.  We will not be making any rash decisions that would jeopardize the health of any player, umpire, associate member or members of their families.  As an Executive we feel that we would be doing our members a disservice if we did not wait until this thing is at least at Level 2, at which time we would make a decision.  Realize gentlemen that we are not 20-25 years old.  As a league we have an average age of around 50 which puts many of us into the higher risk bracket.


We are all itching to get back out there and play the game we love with the guys we call our friends.  We just want to be sure that when we do get back out there it will be safe to do so.


Be smart, stay safe and hopefully we can play some catch before the summer is over.  We will bring you more news as we get it.




D&D 2019 Award Winners

Once again this year, the Annual Dinner & Dance turned out to be a huge success.  I mean, how could it not with the fine bunch of gentlemen and ladies that make up this great league.  It was a big crowd of smiling faces again that made the evening one of the most enjoyable of the year.


After an enjoyable meal we moved on to the awards portion of the evening.  The award ceremony is always a special part of the annual D&D and this year, was again, no exception.  Here is a list of this years winners:

Lifetime Achievement Award

This year the award was presented to a gentleman who was a fixture in our league for over 20 years.  Half of those years was spent on the Executive as a Director, Secretary, Vice President, and a short term as President.  He served on Social and Recreation Committees and spent his time as the social director for his long term team, Tol's/Peets.  This years award went to a very deserving, Dave "Norton" Learning.  Presenting this award was emotionally difficult due to the fact that Dave passed away last January, thus denying us the opportunity to thank Dave for his years of service to the League.  On hand to accept his award was his wife Juanita, daughters Danielle and Davina and sister-in-law Joyce.


Volunteer of the Year Award

Each year this award is given to an individual who goes above and beyond to help out the league on and off the field.  But not all volunteers are seen selling tickets or BBQing burgers.  This years winner over the last 4 or 5 years have donated and collected prizes through out the summer, dropping off bags of "swag" every few weeks, to be used for prizes during the D&D.  This year was no exception as 47 prize bags were distributed, with most of the items coming from this years winner, Derrick James.


Most Spirited and Sportsmanlike Player

Each year all 16 teams select a Most Spirited & Sportsmanlike  player for their team.  These 16 players are invited to the annual Appreciation night, held earlier in the fall.  From this group of 16 fine young men, one is selected to receive the Tommy Walsh Memorial Award.  It was hard for us to believe that this gentleman had never won the award, but it was fitting as he later told us that this would be his last year as a player.  The winner of this years award, and a fine gentleman, Mr. Ray Nixon!


Scholarship Award Winners

Each year the League issues multiple scholarships for children/grandchildren of league members who are completing high school and are moving on to post-secondary institutions.  This year was no exception.  This years winners in no particular order were:  Reyna Young, Cameron Flynn, Ryan Chislett, Riley Mercer and Connor Swain.




 Homerun Champ

This years winner of the "Ron Squires Memorial Award" for the most homeruns during the regular season was once again, Chris Companion with 13 "dingers".


Recipient of the Rod Noseworthy Memorial Fund


MS Society ($500 donation)

Chosen by North Atlantic for finishing 1st place in the regular season.



"A" Champs & 1st Place regular season

North Atlantic


"B" Champs



 League "A" Champs!

Congratulations to North Atlantic on their big double!  After finishing first place in the regular season, North Atlantic followed up with an "A" division Championship over a very game Tibb's Auto Sales squad.  There was a lot of great ball played, but a strong North Atlantic team won the series 4 games to 1.


Accepting the K&D Cup from League President Stan Linstead and Vice President Ford Pollard are captains Darryl Palmer and Corey Blackwood.

Members of the Championship team are:

Back row left to right:  Dave Pretty, Brian Kieley, Randy Purcell, Chris Companion, Dwayne Burton,  Wade Abbott, Mike Murphy, Tom Hawkins, Travis Lewis

Front row left to right:  Val Nazarenko, Rick Gibbons, Darryl Palmer, Corey Blackwood, Steve Myers, Bobby Wood

Missing from photo:  Chris Elms


"B" Champs !

Congratulations to team Pepsi for taking this years "B" division title after a hard fought series with the Carpet Factory.  Pepsi rode the timely hitting of "Stadler and Waldorf" (Jimmy Everard and Chris O'Keeefe) to a 4 games to 2 series win.

Accepting the trophy from League Director Willie Power are captains Steve "Cuddles" Moody and Cliff "Crunch" Brown.

Members of the "B" Championship winning team are:

Back row left to right:  Karl "Caw" St. Croix, Chris "Skipper" O'Keefe, Jimmy "Pumper" Everard, Barry "Bar" Butt, Greg "Battleship" Hogan, Wally "OLP" Haas, Chris "Marty Martin, Steve "Aorta" Harte

Front row left to right:  Trevor "Treasure" Kearsey, Steve "Coach Cuddles" Moody, Doug "Squeak" Furlong, Brian "Rog" Rogers, Cliff "Crunch" Brown, Paul "Breaky" Brake

Missing from photo: Steve "Sarge" Knight and Paul Doobs" Dube


2019 Most Spirited & Sportsmanlike Player (Team) Award Winners



On Sept 28, during our Appreciation Night each teams Most Spirited and Sportsmanlike Players were awarded with their certificates and a little "sometin sometin" for their enthusiasm and commitment to fair play.  On Oct 26, one of these fine gentlemen will receive the Leagues Most Spirited Player Award.  Congrats to all the winners (Not all pictured and there are some imposters): 


Avalon Mall – Billy Quinlan, Cal Legrow – Derm Casey, Carpet Factory – Shane Curnew, City Tire & Auto – Carl Noseworthy, Collision Clinic – Greg Vatcher,  Dave Peets Siding and Reno – Ray Nixon, In The Box Promotions – Steve Ducey, Larry’s Tax Services – Jimmy Walsh, Leons  - Gary Crocker, North Atlantic – Bobby Wood, Pepsi – Steve Knight, Stack & Associates – Doug Whittle (Nice shirt & tie), The Bigs – Steve Barrett, The Rock Electrical – Brian Peddle, Tibbs Auto Sales – Dave Murphy, Twin Cities Imaging – Gary Bulger


 Great Year for MPMSPSL Players


2019 was a great year for our league and it players.  There was no better way to prove this then to just show you how many teams, players, umpires and sponsors from our leagues were involved in National and Provincial tournaments this past summer.  90 - 100 players from our league were involved in these tournaments and all carried themselves very well.

 During the Nationals, which were held in and around St. John’s and Mount Pearl from Aug 2-5, our league had 6 teams in 4 divisions, comprised of mostly MPMSPSL players, competing.  Congrats to The Rock Electrical for capturing 3rd place in the Mens 50 I division!

 National & Provincial Mens 60+  - Collision Clinic


Men's 50+ I - The Rock Electrical

Men's 50+ I - Compusult

Men's 50+ I - Larry's Tax Services

Mens 35 E - Rosie O'Grady's

Mens 35E - larry's Tax Services

Mens 35D - Saltwater Fog


During the Provincials, which were held in and around St. John’s and Mount Pearl over several weekends, our league had 8 teams in 3 divisions, comprised of mostly MPMSPSL players, competing.  2 divisions showcased a final that involved both team being from our league.  In the Men's 50+, The Rock Electrical and Compusult met in the finals, while in the Mens 35+ D final Larry Tax Services played Saltwater Fog for the championship.

Men's 50+ - The Rock Electrical


Men's 50+ - Compusult


Men's 50+ - Larry's Tax Services  (No photo yet)

Men's 35+ - Rosie O'Grady's

Men's 35+ - Larry's Tax Services

Men's 35+ & Men's D - Saltwater fog

Men's 35+ - The Unknowns (No photo available)

As well as our SPN umpires Brian, Jerry, Stan, Rod, Dave, Harvey

If I missed anyone, please let me know.

North Atlantic Clinches 1st Place


Congratulation to the boys from North Atlantic for clinching 1st place in the regular season.  The guys had a great summer so far and were able to hold off a charge from Leon's to capture top spot heading into the playoffs.

Members of the 1st place team are:

Captains Corey Blackwood and Darryl Palmer, along with, Chris Companion, Wade Abbott, Dwayne Burton, Rick Gibbons, Tom Hawkins, Brian Kieley, Travis Lewis, Mike Murphy, Dave Pretty, Randy Purcell, Bobby Wood, Chris Elms, Steve Myers and perennial winner Val Nazarenko.



Captains Darryl Palmer an Corey Blackwood accepting the 1st Place trophy from league president Stan Linstead.

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