Power Rankings

May 23, 2013

1.) Bushmen

      Another week, another solid performace. The men of the bush, remain on top.


2.) 6 Amigo's

      Still undefeated this squad lives by the mantra of it soulful leader Marc Van Deusen, there's no I in team.


3.) Wet Bandits

      Two straight victories has put the Wet Bandits back into the thick of things, now if the rest of the team could take a page out of lockdown defender Chewy Assini's playbook and put a whole game together they could be a very tough out.


4.) Addicted

      Don't get into a track meet with this team, they play the full court press better than anyone.


5.) Monstars

      Hey, at least everyone shows up...


6.) Strokin 3's and Smokin Trees

      Curious to see how they do once they have a full team



      To take a quote from their captain Michael Musella "Lol"


8.) Austin and Co.

      Can we please get a new name?