Opening day is Monday the 20th and I’m not gonna do what all you think I’m gonna do and freak out man!!!’ All I wanna know is who‘s coming with me? Schedule is up So be there or be square. League dues will be about $20 a guy. Finally getting the lights fixed although it won’t cost too much And the balance going to the winners and runners up. As always if you need a new Jersey that will cost whatever it costs me. Let’s get it. 


and Jan, thank you Jan. Fully. 


May 8, 2018


Dear guys, if you’re reading this letter you Already know. The court has been opened up, the hoops, the bleachers, everything. We’re at the Comfort Inn, Room 112. I love you,



P.S. Monday the 21st is opening day. 1 team every week plays a double header. League fees this year are $12 per guy  plus $15 if you need a jersey. Money this year goes to a new ball or two, and going to plan a league bbq one week before/after games, and have a Three point contest and dunk contest on 8’ hoop for cash prizes. Maybe horse or knockout too. Plus trying to get a couple new lights changed out.  Also would like to thank Cordell and Dino for each generously volunteering their time before every game making slush puppies for Everyone. Was a lovely gesture guys. See you all Monday And down with the Bushmen!!

Corvino steps his game up

May 23, 2013

Has anyone else noticed a sudden rise in play of Addicted point guard Nick Corvino? Outside the lines was curious where this sharp increase came from so we decided to follow him for a few days to study his training regimen. After very little activity we have finally discovered the secret, he has been secretly going to the Camp Hope in the middle of the night and Perkisizing. Being led by his trainer Lars, he is frequently heard yelling, "I'm feeling skinny Tony!". This would explain the recent buddy system Addicted has been playing, and why they have been a little lighter on their feet. This leads me to ask, are the Islanders really the team of the future Nick?


May 23, 2013

Luke Naughton/Sam Greco

   Both players led their teams to solid victories, so the tiebreaker for POW will be voted on during The Voice this week, so get your phones ready to text in those votes.