Welcome to the home of the Regency RECREATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE. We are an adult men's recreational ice hockey league based exclusively at the Regency Ice Rink in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our focus is development of players' skill, skating, and developing ice hockey skills in a true league play environment. 

The Regency Recreational Hockey League is an ADULT men's recreational ice hockey league exclusively at the Regency Ice Rink. Formed in January 2011 from players who participated in several skills clinics the previous year, the RRHL became the introductory league at the Regency Ice Rink. As seasons went on, we have transitioned to the Regency REC Hockey League.

All players who participate in the RRHL must register online prior to the start of each season. We change team rosters each season to spread out the skill level as evenly as possible. Throughout the season players may be traded to even the teams if one team has an higher average skill. Our goal is to keep each team evenly balanced so each game is competitive but allows all players to focus on skill development and having fun.

Jerseys are property of the RRHL and players will be assigned a jersey for that season. If a player is traded he must turn in the jersey or he will be responsible to pay for the replacement of that jersey.

All players must have current USA Hockey Registration as the league and each game is governed by USA Hockey Rules. USA Hockey Player registration runs September through August each calendar year.

As players develop their skill they should realize their skill improvement and move into one of the other leagues as Regency Ice Rink: Regency Intermediate Hockey League (RIHL), Regency Hockey League (RHL), or Adult Regency Hockey League (ARHL). Players who demonstrate superior skill in the rookie league may be asked to move on mid-season.

Player fees are generally around $250-$350 per season. Teams generally play around 10-15 games per season with a playoff structure established at the end of each season. We run three seasons annually. Our Spring season runs January through mid-April. The Summer season runs May through the end of June and then July through the end of August. Our Fall season begins in September and goes through mid-December. 

Each game is controlled by a referee and USA Hockey Rules apply. This is a no-fighting, no checking, limited contact league. We pride ourselves on good conduct play and players are to attempt to avoid contact as much as possible. Aggressive play, checking, and fighting is not tolerated and players may be removed from the league as a result. We only accept novice skaters and those who are new to ice hockey.

The league is run by the RRHL Board which is comprised of the team captains for each team. The general manager coordinates the season schedules, payments, website, liaison with the commissioner, and administrative duties with the Board.

If you have specific questions you may contact the general manager via e-mail through our Contacts page.