Payment Information

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Skater fees will be $275 per skater. Goalies will pay $200 for the FALL 2019 season

 ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE CURRENT 2019-2020 USA Hockey Player registration!


Payment schedule is as follows:

- All players must pay $75 at your first game. If you fail to pay you cannot play.
- Final payment must be made prior to the first game in December. You must be paid in full by this date in order to participate in the playoffs.
You may pay more than the minimum or pay in full at anytime.

1st game: $75

2nd payment due by 1st game you play in October: $75 minimum

3rd payment due by 1st game you play in November: $75 minimum

Final payment due by 1st game you play in December: Remaining balance

Payment methods and process:
You may pay by cash, check, or credit card. You must follow the process below to make sure your payments are recorded.
- Credit card: You may use a credit card by seeing Wilty Newman or other staff at the rink prior to your game. Get an extra receipt and turn it into your team captain so he can record your payment. Make sure you complete a small blue payment card in the pro shop with your name, payment amount, date, and team name.
- Cash: Give your payment directly to your team captain.
- Check: Make checks payable to "Regency Ice Rink". In the memo note RRHL and your team name. Give checks to your team captain.

- CAPTAINS: Place envelope with payments in the RRHL mailbox. Payment envelopes are kept there s well. You may email him ( with who paid, amount, and method of payment as well. Thank you.