Coaches' Corner

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Heads Up Football Certification

Heads up Football has become a major push for Bert Bell.  It is directly tied to all the insurance and certifications.  Bert Bell has instituted a mandatory coaches certification.  All coaches will need to be certified in order to take the field. 

Bert Bell league reps will be monitoring this and responsible for verifying every coach has obtained their certification.  The league reps have been instructed to go to the fields during the first week of practice and verify all certifications. 

The major reason for this certification is if we have the coaches certified we will receive a 25% discount off our insurance.

For returning coaches, please log in to your USA football account and complete your re-certification.

For new coaches, please go to, register and complete the certification.  Please email your certificate of completion to

Thank you for completing this program and we look forward to another successful RRYFC season. 

Background Screenings

Bert Bell Memorial Football Conference has partnered with National Center for Safety Iniatives to perform comprehensive background screenings for all coaches and parent volunteers.  To complete your screening, go to and click "Start Your Background Screening Now" on the bottom left side of the page. Complete three easy steps:

Step 1: Enter Self Registration Number: 71471466

Step 2: Enter your information as requested.

Step 3: Provide legal authorization and certification.

Be sure to enter your full legal name as it appears on your birth certificate or driver's license. You will need to provide an email address as a point of contact.  There is a fee of $21.25 for each background screening.