About the Rex Putnam Parent Group

We are a group of parents of students attending Rex Putnam High School in Milwaukie Oregon. Members of the group raise funds used for supporting programs within the school including various school and youth group expenses, and for college scholarships.

How do we do this? We staff concession booths for "Levy" at Portland Trail Blazer NBA games and other events at the "Moda Center Arena" and "Memorial Coliseum". The group as a whole receives 10-13% of the receipts,  including beer sales, for each event.

This is a great way to not only earn money for youth activities, but to meet other parents at Rex Putnam High School.

Members of the group must have an affiliation with a child attending Alder Creek Middle School, Putnam High School or a NC12 Charter School including New Urban, Milwaukie Academy of Arts, Clackamas Middle College. Staff members who work at any NC12 school are also welcome to join the Putnam Parent Group.

The Putnam Parent Group www.leaguelineup.com/rp-parent

Annual Meeting Agenda

September 2017

PPG Board: Group email: putnampg@gmail.com

Jodi Martine - Co-leader, scheduling 503-927-0602

Laura Kozell - Co-leader, membership Coordinator 503-888-6433

Therese Tuohy Financial 801-931-7737


Membership –contact information - phone and email

Required by Levy: Background check (good for 3 years); Annual Levy Alcohol training. Valid OLCC servers permit and Food Handlers card.

Group uniform includes PPG hat and shirt – Request from Laura. Cost ($11 hat, $8 shirt)

RQ/Levy employee card (request from Laura) and RQ parking permit.

Levy Coordinator (Ashley) Questions and appropriate Answers. Levy dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0h68m58ahfe92f7/AADO8r7ty71QOCzGwwbGiVXqa?dl=0


Request balance or funds using online submission form on league lineup (online request forms)

Funds can be used for educational expenses, including fees for ACC credit, sports, music, drama, club-sport fees, non-profit sports clubs. PPG must have TIN for non-profit.

Money (ASL) must submit a copy of the PPG money form (includes positions and name of persons working along with booth earnings for event) to treasurer after each event. Can be dropped off in box, or take a photo and email to group.


Scheduling/Event Sign up: Email putnampg@gmail.com to sign up for events.

If you can't make your shift - you are responsible for finding a replacement. If you miss your shift, the group will be docked.

Levy Policies:

Minimum age to volunteer is 16. You must have background check, Levy Alcohol training, and Food handlers. Anyone older than 18 needs an OLCC server permit.

Blazers games: Metal Detector. Large umbrellas kept for you by security. Bring a lock to store extra items and an apron/fanny pack for essentials. No personal items in booth.

Dress Code: Black slacks, black socks, black non-skid shoes, PPG shirt and hat. You can wear an undershirt, however it cannot have a logo and must be red, white or black.

Check in and SIGN IN at the desk before going upstairs. Levy personnel verifies valid OLCC.

Goals for Waste: To keep spoilage under 1% drinks and 5% food products sold.

Donation from Levy $50/person or 10% of booth earnings (whichever is larger) Any money shortages come out of group funds earned. Season bonus to group.

CANNOT bring food leftovers (including employee meal) home.

Getting to MODA Center:

Carpool - Key Bank parking lot at 14888 SE McLoughlin Blvd (just South of Oak Grove Fred Meyer). See calendar for time to meet. Groups waits 5 min.

Parking at Moda Center for non-Blazer events may be available on-site. Call 503-797-9831

Membership meeting Motions approved:

- Members approved motion to share tips at concerts

- Members approved motion that all active members will pay dues

- Members voted and approved PPG Bylaws on 9/20/17

Attendance: 34 adult members were in attendance and voted at membership meetings.