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New Member Information

The Putnam Parent Group (PPG)                           Website:

New Parent Orientation Information Season 2017-2018

The PPG is a not-for-profit group which raises money to support the Rex Putnam community by sponsoring scholarship for a Rex Putnam graduate. Money raised by volunteers can also be used to for scholarships to cover school fees and extracurricular activities. 

We (parents and students) volunteer at concession stands at the MODA center during Blazer season.  We can also work other events at the MODA center/Memorial Coliseum. 


PPG Board:   email:

Jodi Martine    - Leader, scheduling                503-927-0602  

Therese Tuohy – Financial/treasurer                            503-786-9585   

Laura Kozell    - Co-leader, membership coordinator  503-888-6433  


To Join: Send contact information (address, phone number and email) to

Take all training prior to volunteering.  Links for background check/trainings are on PPG Website

  1. Background Check for Levy (good for 3 years)
  2. Food Handlers permit (good for 3 years),
  3. OLCC Servers permit (good for 5 years).  Students need OLCC when they turn 18
  4. ANNUAL Online Levy Responsible Alcohol Servers Training

Submit copies of Food handlers and OLCC Servers permit PPG email.  

We provide Putnam hat, Putnam T shirt and RoseQuarter swipe card. You must wear also black slacks, socks and non-skid shoes.

To work events:  Email your availability to  We will email you to let you know which events you are scheduled to volunteer at.  We encourage members to meet at our carpool (the time is listed on website calendar). The carpool sight is the back lot at Key Bank by McLoughlin Fred Meyer. Carpool waits for 5 min for members to arrive.

Check in at MODA center. You are required to sign in and show your OLCC permit. You MUST also sign in on the booth paperwork when you arrive in our booth. Keep your OLCC and Food handler card on you. Bring a lock to store valuables. No personal items in booth. All members will receive on the job training.

There are no minimum events to volunteer at, but once you sign up for an event you must honor that commitment.  If you can't make your shift - you are responsible for finding a replacement

Financial Information: PPG earns money on ALL sales.  This year the percentage is 10% for alcohol and food sales. 


PPG has a general fund which covers the annual operating cost of PPG and the Putnam senior scholarship. A portion of the money that the volunteers raise is used to operating expenses. The remainder of the money earned by PPG is used for scholarships for member student school registration (middle and high school), school and non-profit club sport fees, fees for ACC credit, lab fees, fees for extracurricular activities including band, choir, dance team, team travel, or travel sponsored through a non-profit, and other non-profit fees that benefit youth (e.g., sports outside of school, scout camp fees, trips). PPG graduates can also apply for a college scholarship to help with tuition and book costs.