Background Checks (2 Min)


Go to

2. Select ‘I Am An NFP Volunteer’

3. Follow directions and fill out the application

4. Under Nonprofit Name: Type in the nonprofit name you are volunteering with (Putnam Parent Group)



- Use Firefox or Chrome

- Finish in one sitting

- Avoid hitting the back button. You will have to wait 12 hours before resubmitting.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Ashley Pitariu at (503.963.3886) 




Levy Alcohol Course (10 minutes)


To Log On:

1. Go to:

2. Enter Password: LEVY

3. Enter your personal information

4. Skip employment history

5. Choose your property from the drop down list: Moda

6. Choose your job title from the drop down list: Non-Profit


To Complete Training:

1. Read all materials and click next to go to next page.

2. You will then be able to take the test.

3. When asked for the manager’s email address, please enter:

The results will be e-mailed back to us, we will print it as proof you completed the on-line training. If you don’t put Ashley’s email address, you will have to retake the test as she won’t receive proof that you completed the test.

If you hit the back button and then enter we will also have confirmation that you've taken the training.  That way we can send the confirmation to Ashley if there are questions about you completing the test. 

OLCC License

Two items are required for alcohol sales:

  1. An OLCC permit
  2. Levy Restaurant's online alcohol training


OLCC Service Permit (good for 5 years)

1.Take an Online class/test . Cost for online classes currently range from $12 (renewal) to ~$19.  Information for online classes can be found at: or go to 


Fill out the application using the OLCC Online portal for application/instructions: . (OLCC fee $28.65)  Ages 18 and above need OLCC permit
MAKE SURE YOU SEND PPG a copy of your OLCC permit, otherwise we will not allow you to work events.

Food Handlers Permit

A Food Handler's card is necessary to be a cook or cook helper.


The cost is $10 for the card.  To get started visit the State of Oregons Food Handler's web site:

The process and test are very easy and can be completed online in under an hour. The CARD IS GOOD FOR 3 YEARS.

Once you register, an e-mail is sent with a password. You may want to register one day and take the test the next day. And when you are told to print your card, make TWO copies.  Send an email with a copy of your Food Handler to