Rules & Regualtions

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Stark County Youth Basketball Association

League Rules and Regulations

(3-6 Graders)

2019 / 2020 Season



  • Game:
    •  Four (4) – eight (8) minute quarters 
      • The clock will be continuous in the first three quarters.
      • The clock will stop on every whistle in the fourth (4th) quarter for 5/6th grade games.
      • The clock will stop every whistle the last four (4) minutes of the game for 3/4 graders.
  • Overtime:
    • 1st O.T. - Two (2) minutes (clock will stop on all whistles)
    • 2nd O.T. - One (1) minute (clock will stop on all whistles)
    • 3rd O.T. – Sudden Death (First basket wins)
    • In tournament games there will be no sudden death, we will continue 1 minute overtime until a team wins.
  • Continuous Clock:
    • Once a team has a ten (10) point lead or more.
    • Once the losing team gets it under ten (10) points then timing rules above apply.
  • Pre-Game and Half-Time:
    • A minimum of three (3) minutes.


Playing Time

  • Each player must play two (2) entire quarters. One in the first half and one in the second half. No substitutions in the first and third quarters. You can only sub in the second and fourth quarters with the players that played in the first and third quarters. The players that do not play in the first and third quarters must play the entire second and fourth quarters.
  • NO PLAYER IS PERMITTED TO PLAY IN ALL FOUR (4) QUARTERS. Exception: If a team only has six players for a game, or players foul out and the only player you have left to put in is the player that had played the other three quarters. The League Director has final say on this rule.
  • Playing with only 6 players:  If team A has 6 players and team B has more than 6 players, then team B can:
    • Designate one player on Team A not to play in all four quarters. The subbing rules for Team B still apply.
    • Team B must declare this prior to the start of the game and it must be recorded in the scorebook. It is not the responsibility of the team with 6 players to notify the opposing team, however if the opposing team coach asks then that team must be honest. Again this must be declared prior to the start of the game. After the jump-ball this rule cannot be used.
  • If a player subs in for an injury that does not count as a quarter. The injured player must return to the game as soon as he/she is able. If injured the player does not have to leave the game, it will be up to the official and coach as to allow that player to stay in the game or sit out.
  • If you have a player that fouls out of the game you must enter an eligible player, meaning you cannot play a player in all four (4) quarters. The only exception is if the only players that you have left on the bench will violate the subbing rule, in this case and this case only that player may play.
  • The only exception to the above rule is for disciplinary action, which must be approved by your League Director before the game. No coach may come to the League Director during the game or on game day unless there is an extreme circumstances and report any problems. You must complete online form and turn into the scores table PRIOR to your game to sit a player for discipline.  
  • In the event of a subbing violation stop the game by asking the official to check the substitutions. Find a site director immediately and they will have the final say. (NOT THE COACH NOR THE OFFICIALS.)
    • If you are caught not following the subbing rules during the game, you will be issued a technical foul and 4 points will be awarded to the opposing team, the opposing team will receive the ball at half-court and the correct player will enter the game. If you have no eligible players then you will play the remainder of the game/quarter with four players. The opposing team will keep all five of their players on the floor. The head coach must sit the remainder of the game, this is their first technical foul and any technical foul after this during the same game will result in ejection.  
    • For all subbing violations there will be a fine to pay, these fines must be paid prior to your next scheduled game. If subbing violation is noticed following the completion of a game there will be no forfeit or impact on the game itself however the site director can still issue fines and suspension to coaches.
      • First occurrence $20 fine and suspension from next scheduled game.
      • Second occurrence $40 fine plus two game suspension.
      • Third occurrence removal from league.



  • Four (4) forty (40) second time-outs per game.
  • One additional time-out in overtime. No carryover.
  • When a time-out is called, the ball will be placed at the location of the time-out and not at half court.



  • Players will be able to commit 6 PERSONAL FOULS before they foul out of the game.
  • Double bonus begins on the tenth (10) foul / No 1 & 1.


Foul Line

  • The 3/4 Graders will shoot from the regular foul line; however they will be permitted to jump over that line. If they jump over the line they cannot get their own rebound, the ball must be touched by another player before shooter can touch the ball.
  • 5/6 Graders will shoot from the regular foul line and are not permitted to jump over the line.
  • Players around the key may leave on the release.



  • Man to Man defense only for the first three quarters.
    • No double teaming except below the foul line and inside the three point line.
    • 3rd / 4th Graders will begin defense at the volleyball line in the first three quarters, not at the half court line. Warnings will be issued if not starting at the volleyball line.
    • In addition to the above rule there is to be no intentional stalling of the basketball. This is at the officials discretion. If the official deems a team to be stalling a warning will be issued and the team will take the ball out of bounds, the volleyball line will not be in effect the remainder of that possession.  On the second and any additional warnings the official will award the ball to the opposing team at half court. No technical fouls will be issued.
    • The volleyball line area is not a safety zone it is designed for coaches to set their offense up, once the ball crosses the volleyball line, that rule is not in effect the remainder of that possession. Exception to the rule is if the ball is knocked out of bounds on the sideline, then teams may throw the ball back behind the volleyball line without being defended. This will be officials discretion. 
  • Pressing is permitted in the fourth quarter only.
    • Pressing: Zone press is permitted and double teaming/trapping is also permitted. ¾ graders may play defense above the volleyball line in the 4th quarter. Teams must revert back to man-man defense after the press, however trapping and double teaming is allowed in all areas of half and full court in the 4th quarter.  
    • Teams may not press if they are winning by ten (10) or more points.


Backcourt Defense      

  • Once a team has gained possession in the back court ruled by the official, pressing rule applies. You cannot steal the ball, get a loose ball, or play any type of defense until the ball PASSES the half court line/(volleyball line for ¾ graders), even if the player dribbles the ball off of their foot, you must allow the ball to cross the line before pressure can be applied to the ball handler.



  • You will receive two warnings per team for the following:
    • Pressing  in the first, second, or third quarters
    • Not  playing man to man defense (Officials Discretion)
    • Pressing when you are winning by ten or more points.
  • On the third warning one (1) point will be awarded to the team not receiving the infraction, they will also receive the ball out of bounds at half court.


Technical Fouls and Misconduct

  • All technical fouls will result in two points plus the ball for the team not receiving the technical foul. The ball will be taken out at half court.
  • Any coach who receives two technical fouls will be ejected from that contest and must sit out the next two contests. Any coach who is ejected from another contest will be removed from the league.
  • Any coach or player will be ejected for use of profanity with no warning. A technical foul will also be given to the respective team.
  • Any coach receiving a technical foul must pay a $20 fine in order to continue to coach the remainder of the season. That fine doubles for each technical foul after the first one. Ex. 2nd Technical $40 fine, 3rd Technical $80 fine and so on. These fees will be donated to a local charity.


Game Coaching and Coaching Policies

  • Only one coach is permitted to stand on the sidelines at any one time, except during time-outs. During time-outs instruct your team. You may have up to three coaches on the bench; however they are not to speak to officials or scorekeepers.
  • The head coach is the only person who is permitted to speak to officials and scorekeepers.
  • Coaches may not require players to purchase equipment or clothing other than what is given to them.
  • Coaches may not do any of the following:
    • Use profanity during practice or games
    • Possess alcohol on his/her breath or person
    • Talk or yell at any player in a degrading manner
    • Touch a player out of frustration
    • Take a player from any of our leagues to an outside event that conflicts with our schedule, without consent of their League Director
    • Posses tobacco while at practice or games, this includes E-Cigs.
    • Any coach or assistant coach who breaks any of the above rules or is ejected from a League Game can, depending on the offense, be suspended for the next game. A second violation or game ejection will result in expulsion from the league.
  • Any coach who wishes to appeal any suspension or ruling may do so by appointment only through the Stark County Youth Basketball Committee.



  • Any spectator who acts in an unsportsmanlike manner will receive an official warning from the referee or site manager. If a second incident occurs, the spectator will be ejected, and his/her team will be issued a technical foul.
  • Refer to parents/spectators code of ethics.
  • Admission Fee for spectators:
    • $3        Adults
    • $2        Senior Citizens/Students
    • Free     7 and under


Inclement Weather:

·       In the event of inclement weather, SCYBL may cancel or move games. This will depend on site availability. It is our practice to not cancel games, however sometimes facilities close their doors and we cannot use them. In the event that we hold games, it is up to the parents/adults transporting participants as to whether they attend or not based on their own personal judgment. Again please use your own judgment. If you feel it is unsafe to travel please don't. SCYBL & MYSA cannot and will not be held responsible for accidents due to the weather, again it is YOUR CHOICE IF YOU ATTEND GAMES. The gyms will be open if you feel it is safe for you to travel. Any and all cancellations will be posted on website, please make it a practice to check here before leaving for your child's game. 

·       Coaches if you know that your team is not attending please contact Brian Smith ASAP at 330-685-0653. Please note that if your team does not show up and the other team does it will be a forfeit, also if you call and say you are not coming it will also be a forfeit. If the gyms are open games are on. If all games are canceled results will be entered as a tie. If one site cancels and another does not we will do our best to re-schedule, if we are unable to re-schedule results will be entered as a tie.



  • Tournaments will be 3 tiered, Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Brackets are set prior to the season for seeding.
  • Brackets will be determined by pool seed and overall record. 
  • Tie Breakers: 1. Fewest Points Given Up    2. Most Points Scored     3. Point differential


  • Teams may start a game with 3 or 4 players and finish with 2, the opposing team shall play with the correct amount of players to avoid subbing violations.
  • Any and all forfeits will be entered as a 15-0 win for the team not forfeiting.
  • There will be no grace period at the start of the game. Games must start on time.
  • The purpose of this league is for the players to learn the fundamentals of the game of basketball, the value of team competition, and to have FUN.
  • All other rules not mentioned will be NFHS/OHSAA basketball rules.
  • All fines and fees must be paid to Massillon Youth Basketball Association, all fines and fees must be paid in cash (change, checks, credit cards will not be accepted for fines).
  • Stark County Youth Basketball Association has the right to change or modify these rules under any circumstances.
  • The head official/league directors of Stark County Youth Basketball Association have the final say on any rules/regulations not specified above.



Stark County Youth Basketball Association

League Rules and Regulations

2019 / 2020 (Grades 1-2)


  • Game:
      • Six (6) five (5) minute segments.
      • Subbing is to occur every five (5) minutes
      • There will be a five (5) minute break between segment 3 & 4.
      • Running Clock, except for 30 seconds between segments.
      • Coaches will have 30 seconds between segments to sub after 30 seconds the five minutes will start. Please have your next group ready to go. Coaches on the bench should match their players up with opposing team while the other unit is playing.  The ball will remain with the team that had it when play resumes, the ball will be in-bounded.
      • Each game will start with a jump ball, segment 4 will also start with a jump ball.
  • Overtime:
    • No overtime game will end in tie.
  • Pre-Game and Half-Time:
    • A minimum of two (2) minutes.

Playing Time

  • Each player must play for a total of fifteen (15) minutes. A total of three (3) five (5) minute segments. No substitutions while clock is running. Exception: injury or excessive fouling ruled by the official.


  • Two (2) thirty (30) second time-outs per game.

Fouls/Foul Shots/Foul Line

  • Fouls will be called so that players understand what they can and cannot do; the ball will be taken out of bounds after a foul call (see below)
    • No foul shots the first four (4) weeks of the season, ball will just be taken out of bounds.
    • The final three (3) weeks of the season players will shoot two foul shots for every shooting foul. No bonus, foul shots will only occur if a player was in the act of shooting.
    • Players will shoot from one step inside the regulation foul line.
  • No foul outs, officials can sit players for excessive fouls.


  • Man to Man defense only, players must stay with their man. Officials will be instructed to stop play and have players go to their man if they are running around stealing the ball or defending the whole team. Please help officials out by reminding your players they can only guard their man. Once inside the lane players may help out and double team. NOTE: If you have players that know how to switch on defense that is okay as long as they do not double team opponents.
  • Stealing is permitted, however the defender can only steal the ball from the player that they are guarding (no double teaming).  If a player loses the ball and another defender other than his/her defender gets it that is okay. We want the players to learn how to play good defense. In the event that a steal occurs from a defender that is not supposed to be guarding that person, the official will stop the game and the team that had the ball will take it out of bounds.
  • No pressing, teams must get back as soon as the other team has the ball. To help with this try to tell the offensive player to hold the ball and wait until the other team gets back.
  • Defense starts at the volleyball line, not half court.

Travel /Double Dribble (OFFICIALS Discretion)

  • Travel and double dribble will be called, especially when excessive or to gain an advantage. The first three (3) weeks of the season the team that commits the violation will keep the ball and must pass it or shoot it from where the violation occurred (it will not be taken out of bounds). The final four (4) weeks of the season the ball will be given to the opposing team. NOTE: not every travel and double dribble will be called, excessive traveling and double dribbling will be called so that kids understand the rules of the game. Only travels or double dribbles where the ball handler has an advantage (or the official deems that player understands the rules of the game) will result in a turnover the final four (4) weeks.


  • One coach from each team will be permitted to be on the court the first three (3) weeks of the season. The coach is not to interfere with play and cannot make any calls or stop play (unless they call a time-out). They are strictly on the floor to instruct players and assist them. Coaches are encouraged to help both teams not just their own during these first four (4) weeks of games.  The remaining three (3) weeks coaches must instruct from the sidelines, thus preparing our second graders for next season when a coach will not be permitted on the floor.
  • The coach on the bench should be getting players ready to go in, they should match up players with who they are going to guard while the other unit is on the floor. This will speed up the process in between substitutions. Remember there will only be 30 seconds to sub and match players up, so doing this prior to that time should speed things up.
  • We do not want to see kids running all over the court, fouling, traveling, and or double dribbling; although this looks “cute” and everyone will laugh it is not how the game is played. We want kids to learn the game even if it requires us to stop play to instruct.
  • Our officials have been instructed to act as game managers as well as coaches while on the floor. They have the final say on all rules and regulations. Coaches can assist players but cannot make calls, after the first three (3) weeks coaches must coach from the sideline.
  • We will start each half with a jump ball.
  • No jewelry on players, no hard head beads or bands. NO earrings, no exceptions!!!
  • Records do not count; this is an instructional game league.  
  • Score will be kept however there will not be a tournament.
  • All other rules not mentioned will be NFHS/OHSAA basketball rules.
  • The head official/league directors of Stark County Youth Basketball Association have the final say on any rules/regulations not specified.


  • Any spectator who acts in an unsportsmanlike manner will receive an official warning from the referee or site manager. If a second incident occurs, the spectator will be ejected, and his/her team will be issued a technical foul.
  • Refer to parents/spectators code of ethics.
  • Admission Fee for spectators:
    • $1        Adults
    • $1        Senior Citizens/Students
    • Free     7 and under



**Please note that this league was designed to give kids the opportunity to play in live games rather than just practice. We understand that some of the rules may not be what everyone deems appropriate for this age, however we feel that this is what is best for what the league is supposed to look like.  There are many models out there, this is the one that we chose and will re-evaluate at the conclusion of each season to see where we need to make adjustments to make the league the best around. Please feel free to write down suggestions as the league goes on and at the conclusion of the season we will meet with all coaches to get your thoughts. However, the above rules will not change for the 2019/2020 season unless there is uncontrollable circumstances that require us to re-evaluate mid-season.