Inclement Weather Policy

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Inclement Weather:


In the event of inclement weather, SCYBL may cancel or move games. This will depend on site availability. It is our practice to not cancel games, however sometimes facilities close their doors and we cannot use them. In the event that we hold games, it is up to the parents/adults transporting participants as to whether they attend or not based on their own personal judgment. Again please use your own judgment. If you feel it is unsafe to travel please don't. SCYBL & MYSA cannot and will not be held responsible for accidents due to the weather, again it is YOUR CHOICE IF YOU ATTEND GAMES. The gyms will be open if you feel it is safe for you to travel. Any and all cancellations will be posted on website, please make it a practice to check the website before leaving for your child's game.


Coaches if you know that your team is not attending please email Brian Smith ASAP at Please note that if your team does not show up and the other team does it will be a forfeit. If you call and say you are not coming it will also be a forfeit. If the gyms are open games are on. If all games are canceled results will be entered as a tie. If one site cancels and another does not we will do our best to re-schedule, if we are unable to re-schedule results for that site only will be entered as a tie.