This is a communication from Sacramento Youth Soccer League:

Coaches & Assistant Coaches: 

There is a new requirement that all coaches must be fingerprinted prior to the new season.  Teams will not be approved unless coaches have completed fingerprinting process with background check. 

Coaches must complete the new online1650 Adult Disclosure Form.  Here is the link to the new form:
Coaches will need to complete the form online and give their confirmation numbers to their Club Registrar so that the Club Registrar can link the form with your LeagueOne profile in the database.  They will also need their confirmation numbers on the day of fingerprinting.   Along with the online disclosure form, coaches will also need to complete and bring the attached Capital LiveScan Request Form.  

Capital Live Scan Request Form.pdf

 You must have picture IDs.  If they have expired alien cards, another picture ID card may also be used.  Must bring both.  Remember we make no reports to Immigration, we are only looking for current picture IDs.  

YOU MUST BRING:  Picture ID & Capital LiveScan Request Form & Confirmation Number for the 1650 Adult Disclosure Form (see above link).

If you have any questions, you can contact your soccer Club President. 

Jennifer Neuner

SYSL Registrar

Click here to link to the "Capital Live Scan Request Form.pdf" file included with this communication.

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SYSL Playing Rules U6-U14 & coaching info

SYSL Playing Rules
If you are coaching recreational U6-U14 boys and girls please make yourself aware of the SYSL playing rules you will be held responsible for knowing these rules.

Some more coaching information for SYSL can be found on this link
SYSL Coaching Information

I had a red card in my game.

If this was in your game and for your team, understand that you must give the referee the pass of either player or coach who was issued the red card/ejection. There is no reason to argue with the referee since it is there duty to fill out the report in which they may write something in language that can affect the amount of games a player is out. Be an adult and communicate with the ref he will never change his mind it is his authority. You never win.
If a coach is ejected the coach must leave the field premises and may be told to go watch the game in his/her car in the parking lot. The game will not continue until the coach has left understand that this is a game for the youth not about you the coach.

Home Team-If you are the home team and the other team received a red card/ejection then you must make sure the referee has obtained the pass and has a 24hour send off report to fill out. If not it is your duty to contact the right person for this form. Make sure the referee fills out and turns it in to the referee assignor or club manager. You must make contact that with the club manager to make sure that they know what happened so the appropriate measure is taken.

If you coach for CPL let your club manager know, contact Bill Norris(CPL coordinator) or Larry Svetich (PAD chair)
Larry Svetich
Bill Norris

(916) 761-7248
(916) 381-4166

Red card non-participation report

Red card Non-Participation Report
If you have a player/coach that obtained a red card in a game and is suspended for __ amount of games, you must present this form to the center referee to sign and verify that the player is not playing the game and is suspended. This must done for every game the player is suspended. Once the suspension is complete the head coach should immediately get the Non-participation report to the Club Manager so that you will have your player's Player pass for the next game if you wait you may not get it on time. A Player or coach who received the red card does not have to show up for the next game but it is a great way to reinforce the bad action by having the player come to the game in street clothes watch the and see how it feels to not be out there with the team show them the real consequences.

Coaches if you receive a red card you may not be on the side lines or any where near the team. The referee may not begin the game until you have left the premises. Coaches if you are prone to getting a red card you should get an assistant coach with a coaching pass if there is no coach on the sideline with a pass the game will not be played.

Referee Evaluation Report

Did you like your referee and want to commend him/her for there work? Did you have a terrible referee that had many problems in your opinion? Then fill out an evaluation report for that referee. it is a helpful tool not just for the assignor, club, league, and referee but also a coach. A coach should be have a way to have their opinion valued and this is one way.
Fill out this report
Referee Evaluation Report

Metro or U16-U19 CPL team Game card sticker

Metro or U16-U19 CPL Game card Sticker template
Metro/select/CCSL coaches and U16-U19 CPL teams this is a template for the game cards for your league. Feel free and download them and use them for the game card. For these game cards you can use Avery 5168 label found at some local stores or use a blank Avery label.

Game card sticker for u6-u14 rec teams

Game card Sticker u6-14 rec teams
For those coaches that coach at a rec level from u6-u14 here is a template you can use for your game card. Just buy a label or stickers (best if you purchase Avery labels). Now you will be fully prepared for games and not have to wait right before the game to write down the information on the game card.

Community Playing League Information U16-U19

While it's not much fun to lose a soccer game (although we all know there are many valuable coaching moments involved here), in general, it's especially difficult when an opponent runs up the score. After a blowout, the losing coach has the difficult job of taking care of players' hurt feelings and their self-esteem issues, not to mention disgruntled parents.

So, what can coaches and players do to avoid running up the score? Frequently, coaches of stronger teams can and will impose restrictions on their own players in an effort to hold down the score. The trick to success is to impose restrictions in a respectful way that is not insulting to the weaker team.

Below is a list, which by no means is comprehensive, that can provide guidance to coaches to minimize run up scores:

Have your players change positions, moving and removing players where appropriate.

Have players shoot only with their weaker foot.

Make 5 to 10 consecutive passes before attacking the goal.

Score only after successfully executing a wall pass or a specific dribbling fake in the offensive third of the field.

Require that no one score until a designated player scores.

Enforce three-touch or two-touch passing limitations. Allow two-touch passing in the defensive end and one-touch in the offensive end.

Following restarts (including throw-ins), all 11 players must touch the ball before attacking the goal.