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Referee 24hr Sendoff Report

24hrs Sendoff Report

If you issue a red card, after the game you must get the players pass and hold on to it. Immediately fill out this report and give the player pass and report to your referee assignor or the Club Manager.

Looking for referees

May 16, 2015

This year we want to invite past referees to join the club and make it better. without the referees, there is no soccer. We need more referees this upcoming year and want you to take an interest. If you do not have a license but are interested please do not shy away we can help. If you want to referee this year and do not have a license and want to referee this year do not be afraid, Please contact us at our email. If you do have a license and have renewed for this upcoming season great let us know your interested and want to referee this year. Please email VHSC so we know that you want to referee with us this Year.

Thank you for your interest. We want to build our club with great officials that have the desire to referee and learn more about the game.

See you next Season officiating a game for our soccer club.