VHSC Bylaws

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Refund Section of BYLAWS

When you attended registration and in order to register your child you signed a form that you recognized the bylaws changed.

Section from Bylaws:

2:10:01 Full refunds will not be issued after registration is completed in the online system. And
partial refunds will only be refunded within the thirty (30) days following.

2:10:02 Any refund requests made after the cut off date, due to medical reasons or other
circumstances, must be determined by the VHSC Board, and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

2:10:03 After July 1, refunds will not be issued

Coaches Section of bylaws


2:04:01 All coaches shall, at all times:

A. Conduct themselves in a courteous manner during games

B. Make a reasonable effort to control unruly crowds of spectators.

C. Coaches will be responsible for the care and return of all Club owned equipment.

D. Adhere to the SPIRIT as well as to the rule concerning players playing one half (1/2)
of any scheduled game.

E. Abide by and be responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of this Club,
League and Association of which this Club is affiliated.

F. The Governing Board shall have the right and authority to suspend, bar completely,
or otherwise discipline any player, coach, assistant coach, referee or official, club
officer or any individual from this Club.

G. All head coaches shall possess an “F” license while coaching in this Club.