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Western Howard County Travel Baseball 

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WHCYBSL, Inc Travel Baseball Mission Statement

The Western Howard County Youth Baseball and Softball League, Inc. (WHCYBSL) Travel Baseball Program will provide young people with opportunities to learn the skills of Baseball and the enjoyment of participation and competition in organized leagues under competent leadership. With a view towards educating and training baseball players to become better citizens, the personal safety and welfare and attitudes of fair play and good sportsmanship will be emphasized. The Travel Baseball Program is committed to facilitating an environment where its baseball players can become the best players that they can be.


The goal of the Western Howard County Travel Baseball Program is to provide a place to play Baseball in an atmosphere that promotes learning the game of Baseball through hard work, good sportsmanship, high self esteem and a love of the game all while having fun. The programs goal shall be to field competitive teams at all levels where winning is placed in the proper context of being fun, but far from being most paramount to the program.


By fielding teams at younger age groups, providing high quality instruction from the leagues coaches, managers, professional training organizations, and by utilizing our extensive contacts with various scouting organizations, the Travel Baseball program’s ultimate goal is to provide the exposure necessary to allow its players to play baseball at the college levels and beyond.


As we complete this goal we will promote the most positive experience for the youth of Howard County and we are committed to exceeding the standards of the WHCYBSL, and the various organizations that we associate and affiliate with.


The Travel Program understands that it serves as an ambassador for the WHCYBSL, Inc.  and it is dependent upon a strong Recreational Baseball Program in order to recognize the above stated goals. The Travel Baseball Program will do its part to support the growth and development of quality Baseball in WHCYBSL and all of Howard County and the surrounding areas through respectful communication and cooperation.


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Rob Pusheck

WHC Travel Baseball Coordinator
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