1DA (1st Down Athletics) and 7v7 is organized and structured program designed to enhance your athlete’s football fundamentals and improve an athlete’s skill sets during the off-season. We are a highly competitive program, and structured in and effort to prepare each athlete for their next level of competition. We do not and will not guarantee that any player will be offered an athletic scholarship as a result of playing 7v7 football with our program or any other. However we can offer measurable improvement to each athlete’s ability if they are willing to put in the work that is required to achieve the desired results.


Ages 14-18 year old athletes are eligible to participate in the 7v7 program.


7v7 Tuition: $425 Include Uniforms.  Travel fees not included.

Player Participation and Selection:

All players must tryout to be considered. All teams travel and may be placed by graduation classes and or talent levels.

What commitment is involved?

Practice once a week on Sundays.

Practices and scrimmages are usually on Sunday evenings and mornings.

Program generally runs from January-May, with practices, scrimmages, and travel tournaments taking place on the weekends.

Players are required to wear 1DA uniforms which is provided with paid tuition.

If you have what it takes to compete at a high level, sign up today Here


If you are interested in trying out for the 7v7 team, please register today at https://1stdownathletics.eventbrite.com