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Central Florida Sting

The Sting teams have been in existence since 1996, first as a part of Maitland Softball Association, then as a separately incorporated organization. We are a non-profit (501-c-3), all volunteer, organization whose sole purpose is to provide a positive environment for girls of all ages to learn and play Fastpitch softball.

We field teams in the age groups 10 & under thru 18 & under. Girls that come to play with us are guaranteed positions on teams, even as they age up, as long as they continuously play for Sting and teams are available in the next age group. We have had girls play Sting ball from 12U thru 18U and on into college.

Our coaching philosophy is based on teaching basic skills, sportsmanship and teamwork at all levels. We do not believe winning should be the goal, but it will be the result. Our teams have won 13 state championships (ISA, NSA, USSSA & ASA) and 4 national championships (ASA, NSA, ISA & FAST). We have won in every age group from 12U thru 18U.

We focus on our girls being prepared to play varsity ball at the high school level (even in the youngest age groups). We work very closely with several area high school coaches and several of our Sting coaches are also high school coaches. We share our coaching assets among the teams at all levels.

We emphasize the importance of academics as part of a player’s softball future. We set and enforce academic standards that encourage doing well in school as an important part of their softball life. Every girl that has graduated from high school off of our 18U Red team, since 2001, has gone on to college. Every one that wanted to play college softball had an offer to play, played or is playing under scholarship.

Our equipment is continuously renewed. We work very closely with Good Sports and Shirtworks to ensure we have the best quality equipment and uniforms, at the best price. We have also been asked to test equipment for many different manufacturers including Louisville and Worth. We are presently working with Rip-It Sports on product development.

We believe that the experience our players get with us should be broader than just playing softball. We try to make their softball trips encompass more than just softball. To that end we have traveled all over the Eastern and South Eastern US for national tournaments. We have been to Oahu and Kauai in Hawaii for international tournaments and St Louis for a PFX event with Dot Richardson. The exposure to new people, places and things makes the softball experience that much better.

We have also traveled to Cuba 12 times to conduct training for the Cuban Softball Federation and National Institute of Sport in Havana. Over 80 players have had this unique cultural and softball experience. We have played with and against the Cuban National and Junior National teams as well as the Olympic team. Sting is the official consultant to the Softball Federation for Fastpitch instruction.

Our goal is a well rounded person, not just a good softball player. To that end, we believe, we have been very successful.