1st - 3rd League Rules

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Rules for 6/7/8 year olds (1st thru 3rd Grade)


 1.  5 Inning game

 2.  3 run limit per inning or 3 outs, whichever comes first, except last inning which is unlimited, unless Visiting team is up by 9 or more runs, then final at bat for visiting team shall be 3 runs. Visiting team at bat shall end, once lead reaches 12 runs, regardless of number of outs in inning. 

 3.  Pitching from 30 feet (plus/minus), no raised mounds. Pitcher shall pitch to opposing team. Pitcher shall be permitted 4 pitches per batter, afterwards, offensive coach shall pitch to their own team (and shall be on field of play when team is batting), another offensive team coach shall also be placed behind catcher to field passed balls. Coaches shall not interfere with any ball put in play. 

 4.  11 inch yellow, safety ball

 5.  Batter shall be given 3 swings.  Player shall be called out only if she fails to put ball in play on last swing.  If she fouls off pitch, she shall be permitted additional swings until she either puts ball in play or swings and misses.  For teams with 1st grade players (and first year 2nd grade players), coaches are permitted to pitch to their players from 1st pitch or player may use a batting Tee, without being pitched too.  

 6.  No walks or called strikes.  

 7.  The defensive team may place (2) players at pitchers’ position next to coach and player fields pitcher’s position for all batters that coach pitches too.

 8.  Defensive coaches shall be in outfield with team to help direct play.

 9.  Offensive team shall place a coach behind the catcher to help retrieve passed balls.   Coach shall not interfere with any live ball.

10.  75 minute suggested end time. If close to game completion, final at bats should be completed

11.  Continuous batting order.   

12. 7 infielders ((2) pitchers, catcher, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B); rest of team in outfield grass (15 feet behind bases)

13.  Defensive coaches shall not touch any live ball.

14.  Safety cages recommended on all batting helmets

15.  Batter and on base runners may advance (at risk) only 2 bases for any ball put in play. (example: runner on first, batter hits ball to outfield, runner from first may advance to 3rd base only, regardless of errors, overthrows, throws made to any base, etc.)  Runners shall not advance on any overthrow to a base.

16.  No stealing

17. You must slide, avoid contact, or give yourself up if fielder has ball and is awaiting to   make a tag when going into the next base other than first base. 

18.  No chanting permitted

19.  No fist bumps, fore arm bumps, or congratulatory “bad game” when teams line up after the game, have girls show sportsmanship

20. You need minimum of 5 players to start the game, pitcher, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B. Defensive team should lend players.  

21. Outfield may charge a ball in infield and make an unassisted tag or force out at a base.  

22. Coaches are responsible for their parents.  Parents should be at games to cheer all athletes.  If manager cannot control parents, they shall be asked to leave field, or move to a distance away from field so they can still watch game.  Please don’t let it come to this.