2nd - 3rd League Rules

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Rules for 7/8 year olds (2md thru 3rd Grade)

 Rules for 8U  (2nd- 3rd Grade)

1. 4 Inning game, with goal of one hour, hard stop at 75 minutes from first pitch.  For example: A 5:45 PM  Start time allows a 15 minute warm-up for a 6pm First pitch. Ideally games end at 7:00pm with 7:15pm Hard Final stop. 

2. 4 run limit per inning or 3 outs, whichever comes first.

3. Pitching from 30 feet (plus/minus), no raised mounds. Pitcher shall pitch to opposing team.

Pitcher shall be permitted 3 pitches per batter, afterwards, offensive coach shall pitch to their own team (and shall be on field of play when team is batting), another offensive team coach shall also be placed behind catcher to field passed balls. Coaches shall not interfere with any ball put in play.

4. 11 inch yellow ball

5. Batter shall be given 3 strikes before making an out. (3 swings as there are no called strikes.) If 3rd or final strike is a foul tip, batter continues until additional ball hit in play or final swing is a miss. 

6. No walks or called strikes.

7. The defensive team will suit (2) players at catchers position and freely rotate as needed in order to expedite playing time. 

8. All players will rotate turns playing infield and outfield.  Defensive coaches shall be in the field with team to help direct play.

9. Offensive team shall place a coach behind the catcher to help retrieve passed balls. Coach

shall not interfere with any live ball.

10. 60 minute suggested end time. If close to game completion, final at bats should be completed

11. Continuous batting order.   Every player bats in their designated order regardless of whether they are in the field for defense,  

12. 7 infielders 1 pitcher, (2) catchers,  1B, 2B, SS, 3B); 4 outfielders, must be 6’ onto  grass

13. Defensive coaches shall not touch any live ball.

14a. Safety cages required on all batting helmets,  No batter shall bat without a Safety Cage. 

14b. Absolutely NO practise swings from ANY Batter or player except the immediate Batter approaching the plate. 

15.  Batter and on-base runners may advance 2 bases for any ball put in play. For example:

runner on first, batter hits ball to outfield, runner from first may advance to 3rd base only, regardless of errors, overthrows, throws made to any base, etc.  We want to encourage kids to make the throws, and attempt the plays. 

16. No leads or stealing.  Additionally, Runners shall not advance on any overthrow to a base.

17. You must slide, avoid contact, or give yourself up if fielder has ball and is awaiting to make a

tag when going into the next base other than first base.

18. Cheers must be positive and supportive in nature and focused on their own team.  No cheers while pitcher actively delivers the pitch.

19. Players line up for a “Good Game” handshakes/slaps with opposing team at end of game. 

20. You need minimum of 5 players to start the game, pitcher, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B. Teams shall balance out evenly depending on players available.

21. Parents:  In addition to attending, cheering and joining the fun, its EXTREMELY helpful when Parents assist Coaches keep the kids on the bench with their Team (not in the stands) and help us keep the BATs down.  

22. After Spring Break, all players interested in Pitching shall demonstrate to their coaches, prior to the game, the ability to underhand pitch a hitable pitch, reaching their catcher without Bouncing the Ball.   Players interested in pitching shall be given opportunities to attend Pitching Clinics throughout the season.  


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