4th-5th League Rules

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Rules for 9/10 year olds (4th & 5th Grade)


 1.  6 Inning game

 2.  4 run limit per inning, except last inning which is unlimited, unless Visiting team is up by 12 or more runs, then final at bat for visiting team shall be 4 runs. Visiting team at bat shall end, once lead reaches 16 runs, regardless of number of outs in inning

 3.  Pitching from 35 feet, no raised mounds

 4.  11 inch yellow, raised seam – Dudley SBC-11 raised seem or equivalent

 5.  Maximum 3 innings, each pitcher per game. The innings  

      do not have to be consecutive. (If a girls throws a single pitch in an inning, that shall count as a full inning pitched)

 6.  No dropped third strike

 7.  Continuous batting order

 8.  10 fielders

 9.  Unlimited stealing after the ball passes the plate – runner may release from base after ball crosses plate.  1st early release, team warning, 2nd early   release (dead ball) runner is called out. Maximum steals of home 2 per inning.  Delayed Stealing shall not be permitted (including throws back to pitcher and overthrows of pitcher from catcher). 

10.  Tagging up is allowed

11.  Free substitutions

12.  If up by 6 runs, stealing shall not be permitted.  If down by 8 runs, the team trailing by 8 runs shall place the last batted out from the previous inning on 2nd base.

13.  Run Rule - 15 runs after 5 innings

14.  No infield fly rule

15.  No Inning starts after 1:50

16.  Game time – 2:15 hour Drop dead time limit, unless a game is following on same field, then 2:00 hour Drop dead time limit. If inning is not completed, score shall revert back to previous inning.  Coaches Remember, there are no special prizes/trophies/awards for finishing in 1st place.

17.  You must slide, avoid contact, or give yourself up if fielder has ball and is awaiting to make a tag when going into the next base other than first base. 

18.  No chanting permitted

19.  No fist bumps, fore arm bumps, or congratulatory “bad game” when teams line up after the game, have girls show sportsmanship

20.  3 hit by pitches per inning the pitcher is pulled from the mound. They can come back to  pitch in subsequent innings if their inning allotment has not been satisfied. A total of 4 hit by pitches and the pitcher is must be removed from the pitching position for the remainder of the game.

21. When using windmill, both feet must start on the rubber. A step back with the non pivot foot shall be permitted.

22. Pivot foot must remain in contact with ground at all times. No Crow hops.

23. When using the non windmill K or T positions, one foot on the rubber is acceptable 

24. Continuation on walk is not permitted after being awarded 1st base via base on balls.

25. You need 8 players to start the game. If you don’t have 8 players, and you have no call ups from the lower division, opposing team shall lend players to team with insufficient players. A minimum of 9 girls in this scenario shall be on field when borrowing players.  Players lent shall be last 2 players in batting order for the particular inning. If call ups are used, call ups must play in the outfield and bat last. Play game with less players and report score as 1-0.

26. Call ups and players on loan from other town teams (your own town) shall not pitch in games. If call ups are used, call ups must play in the outfield and bat last. Players from other age appropriate town teams may play any position, accept pitcher and catcher, and may bat anywhere in lineup.

27. No short center fielder. Outfields shall be in the outfield grass, a minimum of 5 feet from “skinned” infield.

28. Catchers may be run for after 2 outs.  Pitchers may be run for at any time.  Any bench player, not entering game in next inning shall be permitted to substitute run.

29. No Take Sign Rule:  Batters shall not be told to take pitches or be given the take sign.  Teach the players the strike zone and let them learn from their mistakes.  (Commentary: It’s true that some/most pitchers may struggle with control, but think of how boring it would be for your players if you didn’t let them swing the bat.  What are you teaching them?  If they swing at a ball above their heads or that bounces or is way outside, correct them in practice or on the bench.  We had a few instances last year where coaches were telling their players not to swing.  Then a pitcher would throw a strike and the batter didn’t get the chance to swing because “Coach” said don’t swing.  This makes it boring, and we then lose kids.  Our goal here is teaching, fun and enthusiasm for the sport.)  

30. If a coach or manager is ejected from a game, mandatory 1 game suspension (next game). 

31. Arguing with umpires is unacceptable. If a coach feels a call was missed, discuss call with umpire between innings.  Do not embarrass umpire or yourselves by chirping to umpire throughout the game.  Complaints about umpires should be sent directly to Umpire chief

32. Coaches are responsible for their parents.  Parents should be at games to cheer all athletes.  Parents shall follow same rules as coaches and shall not question umpires.  Umpires shall have the right to speak to managers if umpire feels that parents are abusive in any way towards umpire or opposing players. If manager cannot control parents, they shall be asked to leave field, or move to a distance away from field so they can still watch game.  If parents continue to behave in an unsportsmanlike behavior, umpire has the right to forfeit game. Please don’t let it come to this.

33. Safety base shall be utilized at first base for all games.

34. Safety cages for all batting helmets shall be used.