Overview and Mission

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City of Flint baseball has been prevalent in the community since the City Baseball League’s (CBL) inception in 1909.  Since then, the CBL has produced three (3) AABC National Champions: Bishop Construction (1975) and Halo Burger-Foutch Auto Wash (2001 & 2005).  As cuts were made to the City’s parks and recreation department, the IMA Recreation Association of Flint operated the Flint Community’s baseball program. After nine (9) years of operation, the IMA could no longer maintain the baseball programs and a new non-profit organization decided to take on the challenge.

The Greater Flint Area Baseball-Softball Association (GFABSA) was formed in the June of 2010 as a 501(c) (3), non–profit Corporation.  The purpose of the GFABSA is to establish, maintain, and promote youth and adult baseball activities for the Flint Community.  The organization oversees spring, summer, and fall, baseball and softball programs.  The primary focus of the GFABSA is children in Kindergarten through 12th grades but also offers programs for college and adult aged players.  

The GFABSA is comprised of an all-volunteer and active Board of Directors.  The GFABSA administers its baseball and softball activities through the Board and a Committee structure by organizing and arranging the teams, coaches, umpires, schedules, tournaments, player clinics, and playing rules.  The association is responsible for maintaining and improving the infrastructure at Broome and Whaley Parks.  We are also responsible for purchasing all field and facility supplies necessary to function as a baseball and softball complex.  


The Greater Flint Area Baseball-Softball Association’s (GFABSA) primary mission is to provide an environment for the Flint area youth to have an enjoyable, safe, team-oriented, and community based experience while learning and playing the games of baseball and softball.  At the same time, the GFABSA is committed to teaching our youth the life lessons of good sportsmanship and teamwork and to also help our youth to set and work towards common goals and to build character, leadership ability, and confidence. 

Through the games of baseball and softball, the GFABSA intends to promote physical education and prevent juvenile delinquency by organizing and conducting baseball and softball leagues exclusively for youth participation.