Jag Elite Alumni

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Jag Elite Alumni

Congratulations to all the players selected for the the 2013-2014 Spain Park High School Baseball team. All of your effort, determiniation and love of the the game is well deserving of this special reward. The Jag Elite Baseball program is proud of you all and wish you much success wearing the real Spain Park uniform.

2013-2014 SELECTIONS

Will Battersby  (Class of 2017)

Jake Dickinson (Class of 2017)

Tucker Haygood (Class of 2017)

Davis Holley (Class of 2017)

Zach Mattingly (Class of 2017)

Rayfe Ritchey (Class of 2017)

Trae Stacey (Class of 2017)

Tyler Greer  (Class of 2018)

Jarrod Kennington (Class of 2018)

John Kennington (Class of 2018)

Carson Milling (Class of 2018)

John Owens (Class of 2018)

Cooper White (Class of 2018)


 2012-2013 SELECTIONS

Jackson Boyett (Class of 2016)

Luke Boyett (Class of 2016)

Jack Connell (Class of 2017)

Spencer Graham (Class of 2017)

Will Evans (Class of 2017)

Carson Hall (Class of 2017)

Kevin Hopkins (Class of 2017)

Hunter Howell (Class of 2017)

William Mee (Class of 2017)

Justin McClure (Class of 2017)

Jacob Rich (Class of 2017)


 2011-2012 SELECTIONS

Grey Best (Class of 2016)

Hayden Freemen (Class of 2016)

Drew Hawker (Class of 2016)

Jack Hendrix (Class of 2016)

Matt Spell (Class of 2016)

Adam Shultz (Class of 2016)

Wade Streeter (Class of 2016)

Connor Wooley (Class of 2016)


 2010-2011 SELECTIONS

John Crawford (Class of 2014)

Daniel Leatherwood (Class of 2014)

Ty Marxen (Class of 2014)

Scott Shelley (Class of 2014)

Christian Wooley (Class of 2014)

Steven Niday (Class of 2014)

Billy Riley (Class of 2015)

Julian Samaha (Class of 2015)

Derick Williams(Class of 2015)

Tyler Wise(Class of 2015)


​2009-2010 SELECTIONS

Austin Haight (Class of 2014)

Josh Rich (Class of 2014)

Parker Hall (Class of 2014)

John Sumner (Class of 2014)

Hunter Dawson (Class of 2014)

Dalton Brown (Class of 2014)

Hunter Traffica (Class of 2014)