Frequently Asked Questions

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(Q) What are the costs and what do we get?

(A) Estimated costs per player are $1,300 per year. Costs are the responsibility of each team and may vary according to age and number of tournaments and number of players on the team. Head Coaches will be responsible for managing the individual funds for each team and costs. Parents have tjhe opportunity to obtain sponsors for player fees and some sponsor donations may be tax deductible.

Evaluation fee covers: The operating cost of tryouts.

Player Fee’s includes: 2-uniforms, 2- practice jerseys, 2-hats, bat bag, helmet, cleats, batting jacket, tournament entry fees, insurance, practice facilities including scheduled indoor practices, scheduled practice sessions lead by Spain Park coaches

(Q) Can we pay the season fee in increments?


(A) Payment schedule and collection is the responsibility of the head coach. JEB recommends a payment schedule that involves 4 payments stretched over 4 months but it is the responsibility of the coach to manage the team finances.

(Q) What are the age eligibility requirments Jaguar Elite Baseball?
(A) Jaguar Elite Baseball attempts to group players around grade levels; however, certain cirumstances such as age may prevent this from occuring. The association in which we are affiliated (USSSA) applies an age elibilty rule to every team/player. Although USSSA's age requirement and a players grade level typically are the same for most players, there are situations where this is not true. Below is the USSSA age eligiblity rule.  Players who have birthdates that don't reflect there grade level are eligible to play and tryout for the grade level team that reflects their age.

(Q) If I make a Jaguar Elite Team will I be guaranteed a spot on the Spain Park High School Team?


(A) No. Playing for JEB gives you an opportunity to learn many of the techniques, drills and the baseball vernacular used at Spain Park but making a JEB team does not guarantee you'll make the high school team.  Thoughout the season Spain Park coaches will work with each team and it's coaches to teach and reinforce certain techniques they desire to see young players successfully demonstrate by the time the reach high school.  

(Q) If I made a Jaguar Elite Team last year do I still need to tryout this year?


(A) Yes.  It is important as all eligible players develop and new players move into the area that each year all players in each age group are evaluated again.

(Q) Will any age group have multiple teams?

(A) Each year there is a potential for multiple teams within a particular grade level.  Several factors such the availabily of quality coaches and players are key drivers in deciding to field a 2nd team.  Pitching and catching limitations are also a important consideration. Should a 2nd team be formed at a particular grade level the top 11-13 players based on the selection process below will form one team, the second group of 11-13 players a 2nd team and so forth.  

(Q) When does the season start and end and how many tournaments/games will we play and where?

(A) The typical USSSA travel season begins with practice in late January. Tounaments begin in late February or early March, and conclude in late June. Other tournaments are available later in the summer and each team may choose to participate in any tournament during the year. Most teams will play between 8-12 tournaments based on individual team desires and average 4-5 games per tournament. Practices are normally 3 times a week but can be more or less based on the discretion of the coaching staff and field availability. Practices are typically at Hoover East or Spain Park High School. They can be any night or weekend day/night. The first game of a tournament is usually Friday night and run through Sunday INCLUDING early Sunday morning games. Most tournaments last year were played in Alabaster, Hoover, Cullman, and Atlanta but there are tournaments in every state. The actual number of tournaments and tournament location will be determined by each head coach.

(Q) Will there be any activities in the fall?

(A) We understand that many athletes consider another sport as primary during the fall/winter and that each JEB team may or may not have a full roster available for fall activities. Each head coach along with the cooperation of the majority of the team can decide to conduct fall practices and if possible participate in fall tournaments.  In addition, JEB is attempting to schedule clinics during the fall.  You are encouraged to participate in fall activities but your it's not mandatory in order to be on the Spring roster. Also, some fall activities may require additional but minimal fees.

(Q) Could a team pay more and hire a head coach?


(A) Yes. The JEB Board must review and approve any coach.  Every head coach must sign and adhere to the JEB coaching guidelines unless prior approval of a majority of the board is granted.