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Erich Oberländer

Lasers Head Coach

This will be my 7th summer as head coach of the Lakewood Lasers. I just finished my 7th year as a Math Teacher and head swim coach at Blue Springs South HS. I literally have been on all sides of this great swim league. I started swimming in this league in 1984 until 1993. I was then a parent volunteer as both of my boys and step-daughter swam in the league. Now I am obviously in the coaching roll. I love this league and all that it does for children. You will hear me say this often I hope, but my main goals are for the kids to have fun first and foremost, and secondly I want them to become strong, confident swimmers. I think this is so important especially living in a lake community. Notice that winning is not one of my goals. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very competitive person and I will do my best to put us in position to win, but that is not what is most important to me nor my number one goal for our team in this recreational league.
On a personal note, I love to travel. My wife, Lexye, and I have made it a goal to explore the world together (slowly but surely) and experience all it has to offer. We also met and play on a coed competitive volleyball team in our spare time.