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Kristin Herrick

Cruisers Head Coach

The Lakewood Cruisers was the start of it all! After joining the Cruisers at the age of 7, I knew what I was going to be doing every summer for as long as I could, but I never knew it would have such a huge impact on my life. Not only did joining the Cruisers lead me to pursue competitive swimming for about ten years, but it also lead me some of the greatest times in my life. My career as a swimmer truly helped me grow such a deep passion for the sport, but an even fonder love for providing others with the same experience I had. After my two years as an Assistant Coach followed by my first year as the Head Coach, I truly could not imagine doing anything else. I hope to share my swimmers and future swimmers the love I have for this sport and provide them with the same life-changing experiences I had throughout my swimming career.