Volunteer Job Descriptions

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Volunteer Job Descriptions




Set-up (3-4 vols) HOME. 4:00-5:30pm. Setting up chairs, tables, getting the water ready for hospitality, putting up signs.

Stocking Coolers with Ice & Water (1) HOME.  Bring 100 bottles of water, and 50 lbs of ice (several bags), and load it into 2 coolers for hospitality. 






Starter – (1 per shift) HOME ONLY. The starter is the one that announces what race it is and gets the races going.

Clerk – (1 per shift) HOME ONLY. The clerk is the one that calls for all kids to report to the zoo.









Zoo Keeper – (2 per shift) The zoo is the area where kids are checked into each event and put into the lanes for races.









Stroke & Turn Judges – (2 per shift) The stroke & turn judge is at each corner of the pool watching the swimmers during the races with there swimming techniques. (Training Required)













Timers – (10 per shift). Time each race with stop watches. Great for beginners! Must stand in place for the entire shift.

Runner – (2 per shift) HOME ONLY. Collects all of the sheets after each race from the timers and takes to the balloters.  High level of walking.

Hospitality – (1 per shift) HOME ONLY. Takes water around to all of the volunteers working and offer water.






Computer – (2 per shift) HOME ONLY. Inputs all of the times for each event for the meet.

Balloter – (1 per shift)  Takes the sheets form each race and circles the time that is in the average of all three times for the race for each lane and gives them to the computer person to enter.

Ribbons – (1 per shift) They sit with the computer people and put label stickers on the back of all the ribbons awarded. Also, during home meets, they pass out ribbons directly to swimmers during Events #11-16. 

Clean Up – (2-3 vols) HOME ONLY. Putting away all chairs, tables, etc. to get the pool ready for the next day of use.