Men's Sunday Basketball League

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2020 Men's Fall

Sunday League Schedule 

League Uniform T-shirts- Players are NOT allowed to play with out the uniform t-shirt.  If a player has no uniform shirt then that player CAN NOT PLAY THE GAME. If a player has lost or misplace his shirt then a new one must be purchased before game day.  There will be no discussion on the rule come game time. DO NOT plea your case come game time. If a team is short, then they must play with 4 players.  If less then 3, the game will be a forfeit.
Bench Area-  ONLY players are allowed to sit on the team's bench area, no fans!


þ     A Player who accumulates 2 Technical Fouls serves a 1 game suspension. 3 Technical Fouls = Dismissal from League

þ     Unsportsmanlike Conduct Ejection is a 2 game suspension, 2nd offense, dismissed from the league.




1. NO SPECTATORS are allowed at any game.


2. Mask/Face Coverings will be required at all times for Players and Referees. Players are

allowed to remove mask only when playing.


3. Social Distance whenever possible. Players in the bench area are encouraged to space out

as much as possible.


4. Do not attend if one’s temperature is 100 degrees or higher, or if sneezing, coughing, or

have underlying health condition that makes one more susceptible to COVID-19.


5. Enter the facility no more than 10 minutes prior to tip-off. New Teams will not be

allowed to come onto the court until previous teams have cleared out of the court.


6. Everyone must submit to a temperature check, if given, by facility staff. A passing grade

will allow entry and a failing grade will dent entry. Passing is 100.3 and below / 100.4

and above is failing.


7. Players should hand-sanitize every time they come out of the game. Players should bring

their own sanitizer to sanitize their seat before and after use.


8. Each team can bring no more than 2 properly-inflated indoor-use basketballs that are to

be sanitized before first used in a game. Best ball-sanitization practice consists of

spraying it with Lysol and drying it with a clean towel after 30 seconds so that the ball

does not get sticky.


9. At the end of the game, everyone must immediately exit, so that the next group of teams

can enter the gym area safely. NO CHANGING IN THE GYM, only teams with current

game will be allowed to stay in the game/court area.


10. Gum chewing and food are not permitted in the facility. Players must clean-up their

bench area and place trash in the garbage.


11. Post-Game Handshakes are reduced to elbow bumps or nothing at all. We encourage no

contact at this time.


12. You are assuming risk by attending the event. Please act in a responsible manner.

If you cannot follow the rules, you will be asked to leave the premises.



Down Town Sports

7 Leighton Place Mahwah, NJ
October 25th
Court 1
5:30 Twisted Tea vs. Formula
6:30 Born Gifted vs. Problematic
7:30 Playmakers vs. Just Hoop
8:30 Who You Bank With vs. The Benchwarmers
9:30 Pac Life vs. Yung Gunnas
10:30 Dem Boyz vs. Bergenfield
Court 2
5:30 The Line vs. Young Killaz
6:30 Platinum OG's vs. The Hoop Community A
7:30 LAL vs. The Hoop Community B
8:30  Treyball vs. Revenge
9:30 Jersey Reloaded vs. The Akatsuki









Currently Accepting Teams! 
North Eastern Sports
2020 Men's Fall
Sunday League
 League Starts: October 25, 2020