Men's Sunday Basketball League

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2020 Men's Winter

Sunday League Schedule 

League Uniform T-shirts- Players are NOT allowed to play with out the uniform t-shirt.  If a player has no uniform shirt then that player CAN NOT PLAY THE GAME. If a player has lost or misplace his shirt then a new one must be purchased before game day.  There will be no discussion on the rule come game time. DO NOT plea your case come game time. If a team is short, then they must play with 4 players.  If less then 3, the game will be a forfeit.
Bench Area-  ONLY players are allowed to sit on the team's bench area, no fans!


þ     A Player who accumulates 2 Technical Fouls serves a 1 game suspension. 3 Technical Fouls = Dismissal from League

þ     Unsportsmanlike Conduct Ejection is a 2 game suspension, 2nd offense, dismissed from the league.

The following players are on probation and if accessed another technical foul will serve a 1 game suspension.

Dajuan Williams #21 - Finish Line
Niko Lamourt #20 - Wade County
Robert Easton #1 - Finesse Nation
Richard Warren #20 - Finesse Nation
Chris Felix #33 - Hibachi Boyz
Ellis Perez #5 - Hibachi Boyz
Craig Wright Jr. #0 - Suns
Mike Abdul-Qawi #33 - Born Gifted
Asad Faison #24 - Wade County


Down Town Sports
7 Leighton Place Mahwah, NJ
Each team member must fill out this form to be eligible to play in the playoffs. The form will remain open until 9:00pm on Saturday, March 14, 2020. After this time any player who has not completed this form, MAY NOT BE ELIGIBLE to play in any & all playoff games.
Please note: any player who does not play 4 regular season games, is NOT eligible for playoffs.


 March 15th

First-Round Playoffs

5:30 B-Silver Bronze Who You Bank With (4) vs. Go Getters (5) (53-47)

6:25 B League Finesse Nation (2) vs. Young Killaz (7) (63-58)

7:20 B-Silver Bronze Ghost Ballers (3) vs. Mcbuckets (6) (58-36)

8:15 B League The Hoop Community (4) vs. Suns (5) (68-74)

9:10 B-Silver Gold Platinum OG's (4) vs. Finish Line (5) (51-54)

10:00 B League Prime Time B (3) vs. Revenge (6) (48-70)


March 22nd


5:30 B-Silver Gold Semi-Finals Twisted Tea (1) vs. Finish Line (5)

6:25 B League Semi-Finals Hibachi Boyz (1) vs. Suns (5)

7:20 B-Silver Bronze Semi-Finals Playmakers (1) vs. Who You Bank With (4)

8:15 B-Silver Gold Semi-Finals Born Gifted (2) vs. Wade County (3)

9:10 B-Silver Bronze Semi-Finals Prime Time BS (2) vs. Ghost Ballers (3)

10:00 B League Semi-Finals Finesse Nation (2) vs. Revenge (6)


March 29th