Youth & High School Basketball League

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2019-2020 Winter

Youth & High School

League Schedule

League Uniform T-shirts- Players are not allowed to play with out the uniform t-shirt.  If a player has no uniform shirt then that player CAN NOT PLAY THE GAME. If a player has lost or misplace his shirt then a new one must be purchased before game day.  There will be no discussion on the rule come game time. DO NOT plea your case come game time. If a team is short, then they must play with 4 players.  If less then 3, the game will be a forfeit. 
Bench Area-  ONLY players are allowed to sit on the team's bench area, no fans!
Courtside Pub
66 Center Street Clifton, NJ 07011

High School League Playoff Schedule & Game Results

Sunday, March 1st

First-Round Playoffs

3:15pm Young Bulls (4) vs. Heat (5) 56-51
4:00pm Dreamchasers (3) vs. Big Shot (6) 80-54


Sunday, March 8th


2:15 Guard Up (1) vs. Young Bulls (4) (57-60)

3:00 Montclair Wolf Pack (2) vs. Dreamchasers (3) (54-80)


Sunday, March 15th


2:00 Dreamchasers (3) vs. Young Bulls (4) (58-74)


Youth League Playoff Schedule & Game Results

Sunday, March 8th


12:30pm Ball-Stars (1) vs. TBA (4) (48-21)
1:15pm Toon Squad (2) vs. DSB (3) (44-41)


Sunday, March 15th

1:00 Ball-Stars (1) vs. Toon Squad (2) (42-56)