April 17, 2017


Availability forms are due before April 30thClick here to access the availability form and email to Jack Blume (jack.blume@zastudios.com).  Assignments will be emailed by May 4th.

Online quizzes must be taken with a passing grade (80%) by May 1st.  You will be notified within 48 hours of taking a quiz whether you will need to retake.  Click here to access the online quiz.

Waiver forms are due before games begin May 8thClick here to access the waiver form and email to Jack Blume (jack.blume@zastudios.com).


TMYBA has a long tradition of having middle and high schoolers umpire its softball and baseball games.  Umpiring is a great way to stay involved in the game and also make extra income.

If interested in becoming a TMYBA umpire:

  • Register at www.tmyba.org
  • TMYBA umpires must be in 6th Grade or older and have played 2 years of softball or baseball.  Adult umpires are also welcome.

Additional information

  • Umpires must attend 1 of 2 training seminars, held on Sunday mornings in March.
  • Following the training seminars, umpires must pass an online rules quiz (click here for sample).  Quiz is open book and my be taken multiple times until passed.
  • Umpires must submit an Availability Form in late April.
  • Umpires must fill out a Waiver Form prior to the start of the season.
  • Contact Umpire Director Jack Blume (jack.blume@zastudios.com) with any questions.

Other Links

  • Registration Form
  • Availability Form
  • Waiver Form
  • Training Manual
    • The Manual is but one of several references you should refer to when preparing for your umpire test or for improving your baseball rules knowledge. Other sources include:
      -The TMYBA website (www.tmyba.org) for the various League Rules. Also, look for our You Need to Know (YNK) sheets on the website.
      -Major League Baseball site (www.mlb.com). Click on official information at the bottom of the site.
      -On www.youtube.com there is a good video on umpire positioning and hustle. That url is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSRH4gVIJfo or just search MRBUA Umpire training on www.youtube.com.

Umpire Information - 2017 Season


2017 Umpire Key Dates

  • March 25 - Registration Deadline
  • March 19 and March 26 - Training Seminars at Homestead High School, Room 701, 9:00-11:00
  • April 15 through May 1 - Availability Forms Due
  • April 22 and April 29 - Possible Scrimmage Dates
  • May 1 through July 7 - TMYBA Game Schedule
  • July 10 through 14 - TMYBA Playoffs


Umpires - Inclement Weather Procedure

The following may be found in the Umpires Manual:

Report time – Umpires are required to be at the field and in uniform by 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game. Unless there is a dangerous situation such as a thunderstorm, you are required to report to the field despite the weather. If the game is to be cancelled, the cancellation will be listed on www.tmyba.org. If you do not receive notice of cancellation, and you report to the field, you will be paid. If you are emailed by 60 minutes prior to game time, or the cancellation is posted on the www.tmyba.org website by 75 minutes prior to game time, you will not be paid.