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Coaching - Website Resources

There a couple of really good websites that provide content about practice planning, drills, strategy, etc. Some of these may be found by going to the "Links" section on our website. These would include QC Baseball and WebBall. Eteamz (not listed in Links) is also a good site. www.kudda.com is a new one; it's really good, has a number of 1-3 minute video clips covering all different types of topics.

The NPA is a membership site ($50 to join), but it has a great repository of articles about various aspects of pitching.

The ABCA is a good site for finding periodical or book suggestions.

The Mauer Quickswing site, although product related, has some decent videos that show a short, compact swing.

There are numerous other sites out there. Easiest way to start find these are to Google a particular interest, issue, or question and start surfing.

Bigler Clinic Handouts

Click on the link below to access the handouts from the 2013 coaching clinics run by Ken Bigler.  Included are notes on pitching and hitting, how to make practice and games more fun and assorted practice drills.

Bigler Clinic Handouts

Coaches Clinic - Practice Planning, Drills, Corrective Adjustments

Practice Planning, Drills, and Corrective Adjustments
The attached document - "Practice Planning, Drills, and Corrective Adjustments" (click on to access) - was presented at the TMYBA Coaches Clinic on April 8, 2008 by Randy Ralph, HEAT Director, and Tom Price, TMYBA President. Please use it as a resource for developing practice plans, implementing new drills, or trying to correct "mechanical" problems exhibited by a player - whether throwing, catching, fielding, or hitting.

If you have any questions, please contact either Randy or Tom.

TMYBA Pitching Clinics Handout

TMYBA Pitching Clinic Handout
Please click on "TMYBA Pitching Clinic Handout" above to find materials passed out at the pitching clinics run by Randy Ralph. The material outlines and highlights the key mechanics, drills, thoughts or strategy, problems and solutions, and some informational resources.