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TMYBA Partnering with PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance)

The experience our kids have in sports is greatly influenced by the quality of the coaching. With that in mind, TMYBA will continue to provide pre-season opportunities for coaches and parents to learn more about teaching baseball fundamentals. (Please see the TMYBA calendar for dates of the various coaches/parents clinics.) In addition, and new this season, we are partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance, or PCA, to help our coaches teach the important life lessons that can be learned through sports.

PCA, a nonprofit organization founded at Stanford University in 1998, was created to transform the culture of youth sports to give all young athletes the opportunity for a positive, character-building experience.

PCA has three national goals:

1. Replace the "win-at-all-cost" model of coaching with the Double-Goal Coach®, who wants to win but has a second, more important, goal of using sports to teach life lessons;
2. Teach youth sports organization leaders how to create an organizational culture in which Honoring the Game is the norm; and
3. Spark and fuel a "social epidemic" of Positive Coaching that will sweep this country.

PCA has partnerships with more than 1,100 youth sports organizations, leagues, schools and cities nationwide and covering more than 3 million youth athletes. PCA has conducted 6,000-plus workshops for youth sports coaches, parents, organizational leaders and athletes since its inception.

TMYBA will be requiring all Head and Assistant Coaches take PCA's on-line "Double-Goal Coach" certification program prior to the start of the season. The program should take no more than an hour and includes brief test questions of the material. TMYBA is covering the cost of the certification program.

To find out more about the PCA, please see their website at http://www.positivecoach.org/

PCA's **2 minute drill** for Athletes - Jan 2009

PCA's **2 minute drill** for Coaches - Jan 2009

PCA's **2 minute drill** for Parents - Jan 2009