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Club Registration

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Sign up for VPYW

- If you were not able to sign up during the designated times please arrive early to fill out paper work and remember a copy of your child's birth certificate.

- Location- Willowbrook High school Wrestling room. 

- Sign up costs: $200.00

     - Includes shirt and shorts to keep. Allows for access to singlet if your child would like to compete.

     - We accept cash or checks made out to VPYW.

     - If you are able to get four of your friends to sign up you will receive a VPYW wrestling bag that can be used to carry gear.

     - If you are in need of assistance with payments please contact Coach Murphy.



- Let the coaches know on Tuesday practice if you are planning on going to the tournament.

- Bring fee for tournament on Thursday.

-Arrive on time on Sunday to weigh-in and compete.