VPYW Mission Statement


The VPYW Club is a community program to provide a positive wrestling experience by teaching self-discipline; moves to be successful in competition and appropriately develop them mentally which will provide them with life lessons that help them achieve their goals in life. We focus on effort and improvement not wins and losses believing long lasting results will naturally follow. Additionally we are committed to educating the community on the benefits of wrestling through various means.


VPYW Vision Statement


The VPYW Club strives to constantly improve and develop into one of the best programs in the community. We provide our young athletes with an environment that is appropriate and consistent with basic growth and elite development of the characteristics of youth wrestling. It is our intention to build character, physical health and well-being, sportsmanship, self-confidence, self-esteem, and positive attitudes. The VPYW Club firmly supports dedication, persistence, and hard work among the younger generation.


Code of Ethics: A VPYW Wrestler Becomes A CHAMPION When They...


·         Are committed to the sport

·         Never give up

·         Shows good sportsmanship

·         Learn from mistakes

·         Want to improve

·         Are dedicated

·         Are mentally tough

·         Are physically strong

·         Are in good physical condition

·         Maintain a good attitude

·         Have mastered technique


Purpose of VPYW


Together we will…


·          Provide the best instruction, coaching and resources to our wrestlers & parents

·          Develop and learn as an athlete with a deepening understanding of the skills, tactics and strategies of wrestling

·          Create an environment where champions are made

·          Foster an environment of discipline, dedication and determination

·          Emphasize fun, perseverance, maximum participation, rules knowledge, and physical conditioning.

·          Develop a team environment

·          Be the platform for the future of Willowbrook HS Wrestling

·          Learn “life lessons” that have value beyond wrestling

·          Establish and conduct a wrestling club for young people regardless of their socio-economic status.

·          Conduct tournaments, competitions and clinics for wrestlers and coaches

·          Raise funds to provide the necessary resources for our athletes

·          Encourage parents and fans to volunteer their time to assist in the conduct of various wrestling events.

·          Create traveling opportunities to allow wrestlers to attend wrestling camps, clinics, competitions and tournaments in other geographic areas.

·          Solicit and collect contributions from individuals, groups, business and social organizations, corporations, foundations and governmental entities in order to finance the activities of the Club.

·          Assist individual Club members in attending and in competing in local, regional, national and international wrestling events.

·          Disseminate information about wrestling events and activities to wrestlers, coaches, parents and fans.

·          Enhance and support media coverage of wrestling events.