League Executive

The people listed below have very unselfishly agreed to give their time and energy into helping the WHL run smoothly for the sole benefit of its players.  Along with the duties listed below, they are expected (and authorized) to act on behalf of the league at the rinks if any issues arise.  Please seek them out if you have any questions.  If they don't have the answer, they can help you find the one who does.


Co-founder/League Organizer/Scheduler---Sharon Buehner
Co-founder/League Organizer/Treasurer---Lorie Springall
Lisa Dale
Secretary---Adele Nanne
Equipment Manager---
Heidi Morgan

Statistician (Big/Middle Leagues)---Sara Caughill

Statistician (Beer/Fun Leagues)---Tiffany Runge

Head Timekeeper/Game Sheets---Lorie Springall

Referee-In-Chief---Lorie Springall

Big League Manager of Operations---Krista McClelland

Middle League Manager of Operations---Amanda McLachlan

Beer League Manager of Operations---Heidi Morgan

Fun League Manager of Operations---Lauren Burch

Web Mistress---Sara Caughill

Team Sponsors---Francine Floreani

League Photographer---Maddy Kasubeck
League Consultant---
Teri Bonnell

League Consultant---Lori Ballstadt

League Consultant---Cathy Nichols