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WHL Playing Rules 2017-2018

 CARHA rules, in general, will apply along with the following:


1.     Games will be 3 periods, 15 minutes each, running time.  The final minute of the 1st and 2nd periods will be stop time, regardless of the score.  The last 2 minutes of the 3rd period will be played ‘stop time’ if the difference in the score is 2 goals or less.  There will be a 3-minute 'warm-up' to start the game, beginning immediately after the zamboni doors are shut.


2.     Bring warm-up pucks for your team.  Home team provides 2 game pucks.  A minor penalty will be assessed to the Home Team if they cannot provide 2 pucks for the game.  The opening faceoff will be conducted in the Home Team’s end zone.


3.     Minor penalties are 2 minutes STOP time.  Major penalties are 5 minutes STOP time.  10-minute misconduct penalties will be running time.  All penalties begin when the puck is dropped to resume play.


4.     5-minute Major penalties will result in the player being removed from that game and a review of the incident by the league organizers (which may involve further suspensions).  The team will be required to put a substitute player in the penalty box to serve the major penalty (5 min).  Additional penalties or misconduct penalties, especially for reckless play or abuse of other players, officials (verbal or physical) will be at the discretion of the referee and reviewed by league organizers.


5.     No slap shots, or fake slap shots, allowed (wind up above the knees) – a 2-minute minor penalty will be assessed and the team will play short-handed.


(a)  BIG LEAGUE ONLY:  Slap-shots ARE allowed in Big League – the bigger the better! However, if playing against a team with no goalie, players taking a slap shot that puts anyone on the ice in jeopardy of being injured will be assessed a 10-minute misconduct penalty.


6.     “Reckless Play Rule” - Referees have been instructed to assess a 10-minute penalty to any player at any time who plays in a reckless manner that puts others in potential danger. This is a judgement call. The intention of this rule is to stop players from endangering others, whether their actions are intentional or accidental. 


7.     “Crease Rule” - No player from the attacking team is allowed to enter the defending team’s goalie crease before the puck.  If she does, play shall be stopped immediately and the ensuing face off will take place outside the defending team’s blue line.  This includes standing in the crease, skating through the crease and not trying to get out of the crease as quickly as possible if pushed in there by the defending team.  Penalties for contacting the goalie shall be assessed when appropriate.


8.     No body CHECKING.  A 2-minute minor or 5-minute major + Game Misconduct at the discretion of the referee shall be assessed.  A 10-minute misconduct penalty for “Reckless Play” may also be assessed, either instead of a minor OR in addition to the minor.  Body CONTACT and “RUBBING OUT” are acceptable if done within the rules.

WHL Playing Rules 2017-2018


9.     You must have a minimum of 5 players ready to start the game.  If a team is not ready to start the game on time, they will start with a 2-0 deficit once they are finally ready to play.  If the team is still not ready with 5 minutes left in the first period, that team will forfeit the game. (Officially a 5-0 win will go in the Stats for the other team.)  If one team is short players and both teams agree, players may be picked up from the opposing team temporarily or for the entire game.  In this case, the captains must decide before the game if it will count as an ‘official’ game or a forfeited game.


(a)  BIG LEAGUE & MIDDLE LEAGUE ONLY – Shoot-Out:  If a regular season game is tied at the end of regulation time, the tie will be broken by a shootout. Three (3) players will shoot for each team (alternating shooters). If the outcome of the game is already determined, subsequent shooters will not be allowed to shoot. If still tied after 3 shooters, teams will continue to alternate shooters until the tie is broken (in a ‘sudden death’ format). All players dressed for that game must take a turn before any player will be allowed a second shot. Pick up Players and players serving their own penalty at the end of game cannot participate in the Shoot Out.


10.      “Jersey Rule” – (This rule does not apply in Big League).  No player is allowed to score more than 3 goals per game.  Consequence:  goals scored in excess of 3 by one player will not be allowed.  Subsequent face-off will be at centre ice.


11.      “Hit the Showers Rule” – any player receiving 3 penalties in the same game will be immediately ejected from that game (and another player from her team, who was on the ice at the time of her 3rd penalty must serve her 3rd penalty.)  Each 2 minute or 10-minute penalty will count towards the 3 game penalties.  A double minor penalty (Example: 4 minutes for body checking) will count as 2 penalties. A delayed penalty washed out due to the scoring of a goal will still count towards a player’s 3 penalties.  The referee will report this penalty to the timekeeper, even though it is not actually served.


12.      “See You at the Party Rule” – Any player assessed 3 game ejections or 3 game misconducts during the season will be suspended from all playing, refereeing and timekeeping for the duration of the season.


13.     Players must play 50% of their team’s regular season games to be eligible for playoffs.


14.     For insurance purposes, all behind-the-bench-staff must be at least 19 years old (even if they are just there to open the door.)  Refs & timekeepers have been asked to ‘patrol’ this.


15.      No player from outside the league may play in any league game.  (Exceptions MAY be made for goalies in Big League).

 WHL PICK UP RULES 2017-2018



1.     You can pick up players to a maximum of 11 skaters.

2.     You can pick up any player or goalie from Your Own League or WHL League Lower than Yours, an unlimited number of times.

3.     Your own teammates can play goalie for your team an unlimited number of times.

4.     Goalies may NOT play ‘OUT’ without approval of the league organizers.

5.     Players under suspension are not eligible to be picked up.

6.     Inform the timekeeper BEFORE your game that you have pick up players—especially pick up goalies—and ensure that it is written properly on the game sheet.

7.     Pick up players are not allowed during Playoffs and the Early Bird Tournament with the following exceptions: a) Goalies, with pre-approval from league organizers

                                             b) In Playoffs, for teams with less than 8 skaters


BEER LEAGUE - Same as Big & Middle with the Following Additions:  Pick up players must be of equal (or lower) ranking to replace absent players.  When using pick up players, teams must never exceed the number of ‘A’ ranked players on their original roster.


FUN LEAGUESame as Big & Middle with the Following Additions: You cannot pick up an ‘A’ ranked player after February 1st .

 League Procedural Items 2017-2018

1.   If there is a game cancelled or a location change, Sharon or Lorie will send out an e-mail to the Team Captains to let them know of the change/cancellation.  It is then the Captain’s responsibility to inform their players about the game change.


2.   Teams are expected to NOT go over our allotted ice time.  The timekeeper will set the clock at 18:00 and will start the clock as soon as the zamboni doors are closed.  Teams will have approximately 3 minutes to warm up.  Referees will drop the puck to start the game at 15:00 (or sooner if both teams are ready) and by 14:00 for the 2nd and 3rd periods.  All periods are running time (refer to Rule 1 above).


3.   The referees will be using the ‘Line Change Procedure’ after each whistle to speed up the next face-off and avoid wasted playing time.  Make your changes quickly!


4.   All players and referees are insured by CARHA (Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association).  A player with an injury requiring an insurance claim should call Lorie Springall for more info.  782-6521.



5.   Please provide Sharon and Lorie feedback during the season.  We are open to any suggestions that will improve the fun and operations of your League.  Let us know immediately and preferably by phone, of any serious incidents, especially if they involve suspensions/injuries.