2019 BMSL Official Rules


2019 BMSL Official Rules




Duties of the President
Duties of the Vice President
Duties of the Treasurer
Duties of the Secretary
Duties of the Statistician
Duties of the Executive Member at Large
Duties of the Social Convenor
Duties of Captains
Duties of Assistant Captains




Brampton Madoc Softball League Rules




League Play Rules
Rainouts / Cancelled Games
Spare Players
Safety Bag at First Base
Safety Line at Home Plate




Mission Statement
Player Fees
Playoff Format








An Executive shall consist of the following and will govern the Brampton Madoc Softball League (BMSL):


1.     The Executive Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Statistician, Social Convenor and Executive Member at Large).


2.     The Team Captains.


3.     The immediate past President (non-voting).


4.     Directors appointed by the Executive Officers to assist in the operation of the league. The Executive Officers will be nominated and elected by the players of the league at the annual general meeting. The AGM will be scheduled between the end of the regular season play and November 30th. In the election of Executive Officers, simple majority of votes will determine winners. Team Captains will be confirmed by the players of their respective teams no later than fourteen (14) days after the commencement of a playing season. Captaincies will terminate at the close of the current playing season. Captains who wish to be Captains in the following season, may do so only if approved by the Executive Officers.










• To oversee the operation of the league.


• To represent the league.


• To chair league meetings.


• To be responsible for the booking of facilities.


• Upon consulting with the leagues’ Executive Officers, to perform whatever function is necessary for the successful continuation of the league.






• To assist the President.


• To observe player attendance.


• To completely control the use of spares and the assigning of replacement players as required.


• To forward any and all requests from league members received on the league line to the appropriate executive member for resolution.






• To be responsible for the leagues' finances.


• To pay all debts incurred by the league from league funds.


• To collect or arrange for collection of all moneys to be received by the league.


• To prepare annually one (1) financial statement, to be completed before October 31st.


• To have a current financial report available at every meeting.






• To prepare and distribute all league correspondence and documents.


• To take and prepare minutes of league meetings and distribute copies to Executive Officers.


• To perform duties as requested by the Executive.


• To maintain official league rules.






• To generate and maintain league player roster.


• To generate a season game schedule.


• To prepare and distribute player lists to Team Captains at the start of the season.


• To generate team standings during the season.






• To perform various functions as requested.


• To recruit and coordinate sponsors for league teams.






• To arrange social functions for the league as he/she sees fit or organize social events as requested by the Executive Officers.


• To arrange publicity as required.




NOTE: There is nothing to prevent executive officers from assisting each other with their respective functions.






• To know the league rules.


• To educate players concerning play rules and league intent.


• To ensure that players abide by his/her and other captains' or umpires' decisions during games.


• To keep score, or have score kept, in a prescribed manner.


• To maintain team equipment.


• To report team equipment needs to the league executive.


• To install bases for home games & remove bases after the last game.


• To represent team at team meetings.


• To attempt to control players who are overly aggressive in play or vocally abusive.


• To notify Vice President when a spare or replacement player is required for their team.


• To check on consistently absent players.


• To bring problem players to the attention of an Executive Officer.


• To deliver, or have delivered, score sheets after each league game.


• To choose an assistant, if required.






• To assist the Captain in performing his/her duties.






Brampton Madoc Softball League Rules


1.     A season commences on the date of the opening games and terminates at the end of the playoff games.


2.     The BMSL season will consist of a number of scheduled games in a regular season, as determined by the Executive Officers. Additionally, there will be a playoff series.


3.     BMSL tie breaking rules:


a.     Number of Points ( Win =2, Tie =1, Loss = 0 )


b.     Run Differential


c.     Runs Against


d.     Coin Flip


4.     Scores are to be submitted to scores@bramptonsoftball.com by the Friday after the game.  Should only one score be received by that date it will be considered official.


5.     The league will consist of a number of teams supported by registration and approved by the Executive Officers.


6.     Each team will consist of a specific number of players as determined by the Executive Officers.


7.     Players must be 19 years of age or older.


8.     Male and female players will be distributed to the teams as evenly as possible as determined by the roster.


9.     Assigned players who for whatever reason, become spares, must remain so for the remainder of the season. Only at the discretion of the Executive Officers shall a player return to a team as a permanent player or be reassigned.


10.  A player who misses three games in succession or a total of five games, without reasonable excuse, or without notifying his/her Captain, may be removed from their team at the discretion of the League Executive and the Team Captain.


11.  A player of the same sex must replace players withdrawing or who are removed from a team.


12.  Annual General Meeting: All players are to be notified in writing of the time, date and location of the AGM at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.


13.  Players shall not use league equipment for other than scheduled games unless permission to do so is first sought and granted from an Executive Officer.


14.  Team shirts will remain the property of the league until the end of the season. Players leaving the league must surrender their shirts to their Captain. Any player who refuses to surrender his/her shirt will be barred from the league in the future.


15.  Organizational rules may be changed only at the Annual General Meeting by the membership present, by a simple majority vote.


16.  The Executive can change league play rules at any time by a simple majority vote.


17.  Rules: Matters of interpretation of organizational rules will be decided upon by the Executive Officers.


18.  Captains may pick an Assistant. The Executive, in particular, the Vice President must be notified of the Assistants' name and phone number.







League Play Rules




1.     League play rules are those of the Slo-Pitch Ontario Association Handbook & Softball Canada Rules. Exceptions or additions to those rules follow.


2.     League play rules are those of the Slo-Pitch Ontario Association Handbook & Softball Canada Rules. Exceptions or additions to those rules follow.


3.     The following rules MUST be applied to all batting orders:


4.     No more than two (2) males may bat consecutively.


5.     No males shall bat twice prior to all females batting.  Clarification for 2018:  Batting order does not change after the first time through the order.  Order remains static and all players will be given equal opportunity to bat.  The purpose of this clarification is to prevent teams from adjusting their batting orders to gain a competitive advantage.


6.     A female may bat twice prior to any male in order to accommodate rule #1.


7.     All players must bat.


8.     A late player may enter the game at any time. They are to be placed at the bottom of the batting order.


9.     Pinch-hitting is not allowed.


10.  No switch-hitting in one trip at bat.


11.  The batter will not advance to any base on any ball ruled dead by the umpire. Base runners will also be governed by this rule.


12.  Each teams trip to bat will conclude after three (3) outs have been recorded or nine (9) players have been to bat.


·      The seventh or last inning is no different than any other.


·      The seventh or last inning will be an open inning in the playoffs.


·      The ninth batter is out if the ball precedes him/her to any base. Any run(s) scored before the ninth batter is put out count, unless he/she fails to make it to first base safely, no matter how many are out.


·      The ninth batter cannot be walked.


·      The ninth batter must be announced and both teams and umpires must be made aware or the batter is considered out.


·      If a hit ball is deliberately thrown dead, all runners including the ninth batter will advance to home plate.


·      Opposing pitchers will pitch to the ninth batter until such time as the batter either hits the ball into play or is struck out.


13.  Rules relating to infield fly balls do apply.


14.  The wearing of a chest protector, helmet and mask by the catcher is mandatory.


15.  All players are required to wear their issued jersey during play. If a player is missing their jersey and it is not brought to the attention of the opposing captain or umpire, prior to that players first at bat (according to the batting line-up), that player will be deemed out for their first at bat, but will be allowed to field a defensive position. After three (3) games without a jersey that player will not be allowed to play until the issue of the missing jersey has been resolved to the satisfaction of the executive, and a replacement jersey ordered at the player's expense.


·      Both teams must record and notify the executive who was missing their jersey when submitting their scores.


·      The first two (2) weeks of the season will be exempt to ensure all players have been issued a shirt.


16.  A player in a batting order cannot sit out two (2) or more innings on defence unless he/she is willing to do so. A player not in the batting order cannot play in the field.


17.  At no time will a defensive team have more than seven (7) male players on the field.


18.  No more than seven (7) players will play in the infield until such time as the batter puts the ball in play. At least three (3) females must play in the infield. For the purpose of this rule, the infield positions are as follows: Catcher, Pitcher, First Base, Second Base, Third Base, Short Stop, and Infield Rover (a position equivalent to Short Stop between First and Second Base). The infield is the gravel area between the first and third base lines, from home plate to the grass line.


19.  Base stealing of second (2nd) and third (3rd) is allowed. Runners cannot leave a base until the ball crosses home plate. When a catcher returns the ball to the pitcher, a stopped runner must return to the base from which they last came. A runner may advance to home plate if:


·      The ball is hit.


·      After tagging up on a caught fly ball, or when a catcher deliberately puts the ball into play by throwing it to any other player except the pitcher. (If a throw back to the pitcher is high, low or wide and the pitcher misses the ball, that throw will be considered to be for the pitcher. No stealing may take place).


·      He/she is forced by batters being walked or he/she is being awarded home by the umpire. If in the umpire's judgement a runner does steal home, that runner is out. Any other base runners must return to the base they left if they advanced during that play.


·      After the ball has been hit, runners can advance bases, including home plate, by continuing to run until such time as the ball is returned to the pitcher in the pitching area, or the umpire rules a stoppage in play (time).


·      If on a live ball thrown (or put) into play to any base in an attempt to throw the runner out. A live ball is considered to be a ball in play until it is returned back to the pitcher.


·      There is no stealing from third (3rd) to home on a “pass ball” when a runner has had possession of third (3rd) base on a previous play.


·      No lead-offs until the ball crosses home plate.


20.  Courtesy Runners:


·      during a league game, each team will be permitted the use of three (3) courtesy runners.


·      during a playoff game, or any game scheduled for 7 innings each team will be permitted the use of (5) courtesy runners.


·      When there are two out, the catcher may take a free courtesy.


·      The courtesy runners must be of the same sex as the person being replaced.


·      In place of a fourth/sixth substitution, an out shall be recorded.


·      Because a player can enter or leave a game at any time, a normal player substitution cannot be used to circumvent this rule. A substitute runner may be any player listed on the teams' batting order.


21.  It is the intent of the BMSL, that all batters be given a reasonable chance to hit the ball. It is therefore the responsibility of the pitcher to change the speed of the pitch to give the batter a reasonable chance at making contact with the ball. The object of league pitching is not to gain a strikeout. The pitcher must pitch the ball in a slow, underhand delivery with the ball being in view at all times. Spinning or curving the ball is not allowed. If in the opinion of the umpire, a pitcher is spinning or curving the ball or pitching too fast, the pitch shall be called a ball and the pitcher given a warning by the umpire. If it continues the pitcher shall be replaced. It is at the batters' discretion to ask for the pitcher to slow down the ball. The captain may also consult with the umpire on pitching concerns.


·      Pitching Speed - The pitch must be delivered in a slow, underhand delivery with the ball being in view at all times. The pitcher’s hand/arm may not break the plane of their shoulders during wind-up or delivery in attempt to gain speed of the pitch. The pitcher may not cock or twist their wrist/elbow/waist in an effort to gain spin or speed on the pitch.


22.  A pitching mound will be installed at forty-three (43) feet from home plate. Pitchers do not necessarily have to stand on the pitching mound but both the pitchers' feet must be behind the pitching mound when the ball is released.


23.  A team must have eight (8) players present at the scheduled game time. A five (5) minute grace period will be given. At least three (3) of those eight (8) must be female. If a team only has three (3) females a team will not forfeit. The three (3) females must play on the infield, or one female can play the outfield and one infield position will be vacant. Players must notify their Captain if they are going to be absent.


24.  A team can pick up a player to make nine (9) only when eight (8) players show up and the game is not in a forfeit situation (see above).


25.  Each game will consist of seven (7) innings. If for any reason a game must be discontinued, the game will be considered complete when the fifth inning has been played, or 4 1/2 if the home team is winning. A discontinued game in which the fifth inning has not been completed may be rescheduled. All games must start on time even if the umpire has not arrived. No new inning shall start after 1 hour and 10 minutes from the time the game starts. The start time should be announced by the umpire. If the home team is leading at the middle of a final inning the home team does not bat.


26.  Extra innings will not be played in tie games except in the quarter, semi-final and final games of the playoffs. Tie games will be allowed in the round robin portion of the playoffs.


27.  The umpire will resolve disputes that arise during games. If no umpire is present or the umpire requires clarification of a league rule, the two (2) captains may help resolve the issue. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the complaining captain must tell the opposing captain of his/her intention to protest the game. All complaints must be made to an Executive Officer within forty-eight (48) hours of the related game. The Executive will consider only written protests. There will be a protest fee of $100 (cash only) to BMSL with the written protest. This fee will be refunded to the protesting team only if the protest is upheld. The decision by the Executive is final.


28.  During the playoffs, home team will be given to the higher seeded team. Only during the final game will there be a coin toss. The higher seeded team will call the coin toss.


29.  Playoff matchups are based on regular season standings. (See General Rules Section for format, Organization Rule #3 for Tie Breaking)


30.  All batters and base runners must wear a helmet that protects the ears.


31.  If an umpire ejects a player from a game, that persons' team captain must call the league line at (905) 487-6150 (President) or (416) 953-9366 (Vice President) or by e-mail at info@bramptonsoftball.com and report the incident. The Executive has the option of suspending the player for more than that game. The President or Vice President will relay the decision of the Executive to the Captain. A minimum of three (3) Executive members is required to vote on this action. All decisions of the league Executive are final.


32.  All teams should ensure they have the same score at the start of each inning.


33.  Bases will be set at a distance of sixty (60) feet.


34.  Any batter who receives four (4) consecutive balls (4-0 count only) is to be awarded second base. Base runners advance, only if forced. The runner is allowed to steal third (3rd) base. The following batter, male or female must still bat.


35.  Bunting is only permitted to female players. No bunting is allowed by male players. It is the decision of the umpire to clarify if the batter was deemed to intentionally bunt the ball.


36.  No aggressive sliding is permitted and will be determined by the umpire, should the umpire deem the slide aggressive they will be out.


37.  It is the responsibility of every player to make every attempt to avoid contact with another player at all times.


Rainouts / Cancelled Games


The rule pertaining to cancelled games and rain-outs on a scheduled evening of play is as follows:


·      For the first and second scheduled evening games of play, regardless of rain, all players must be present at the diamonds ready to play.


·      Team or teams failing to have the sufficient number of players (8) see Section 3 Rule 20) put themselves in a forfeit position.


·      Captains must inform their teammates of any cancelled games.


·      In the event the first two games are called off due to rain, the third game will automatically be called as a rain-out, no attendance will be necessary.


·      Should the first game be played and the second game called due to rain, teams that are to play the third game must appear at the diamond regardless of rain.


·      It is the decision of the umpires to cancel any games due to rain.


·      If the third (3rd) game is cancelled because the first two (2) are rain-outs, a member of the Executive will notify captains.


·      It is the responsibility of the captains to inform their respective teammates.


·      There is only one rain-out makeup game to be replayed at the end of the regularly scheduled season. If there are multiple rain-outs to be replayed, the Executive will decide on which games should be replayed.


·      If the City of Brampton has cancelled the evenings' games due to the diamonds being unplayable, the Executive will contact all team captains and notify them of the


Spare Players


Use of spares will be completely controlled by the Vice President. Deadline for requesting a spare will be 8:00 p.m. on the Monday night preceding the game by phone, by text to (905) 598-3780 or by e-mail to spares@bramptonsoftball.com. Once a spare is assigned to a team they must play even if the absent player(s) show up and the team is at full membership. If the opposing team has room, then the opposing team may use the spare player.




Types of Spare Players:


·      Full Time Spare: is an individual registered to play their season on a needs basis. The Full time Spare has priority over other League Members Spares as they have paid a fee to play the entire season as a spare player only.


·      League Member Spare: is a player registered as a full time player on a set team but who in addition, has signed up to be a League Member Spare player in the event that another team, for that date, requires a spare.


·      League Member Spares cannot be used in the playoffs; however, a Full Time Spare may play in the playoffs but only with notification by the team captain to the Vice President that their team will be playing with less than eleven (11) players and a spare, if available, would be required. Spare players cannot play for the same team for more than two (2) consecutive weeks. Captains may call for spare(s) if they will have less than eleven (11) players available for their game. However, spares will be assigned to teams in a forfeit situation first.




** Ongoing discussions will be made by the executive to ensure proper sparing procedures are met. If there are changes, it will be announced to captains and will be amended in the rules.




If for any reason a team does not have the required number of players at game time the team may:


·      Pick up a League Member Spare who happens to be in attendance ONLY to avoid a forfeit (8 players, 3 female).


·      At the home plate meeting, the captains of each team must notify the other team of their use of spares for that game. Each spare player must be noted at the bottom of the score sheet for league tracking purposes.


·      If the captain has not notified the Vice President to request a spare by the 8:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the affected game via phone, text message or e-mail to spares@bramptonsoftball.com, then one cannot be picked up, unless you are in a forfeit situation.




In a season where there are not enough registered pitchers or catchers to assign two (2) per team:


·      A team may request a substitute pitcher or catcher if no one on their team is able to do so in a competitive manner. If a player on your team has a history of being a registered pitcher or catcher in the league, they are to be contacted first. This will only be permitted if the Vice President has been notified no later than the Monday prior to their absence.


·      This is not a position that can be filled at game time subject to the conditions above, unless approved by an Executive member at the field.




Safety Bag at First Base


One half of the base is white and is to be securely fastened in fair territory and the other half is orange and is to be securely fastened in foul territory.


The following rules apply to the use of the double base:


1.     If a batted ball hits any part of the white portion, it is a fair ball, if it hits completely on the orange portion it is a foul ball.


2.     If a play is being made at first base on a ball hit to the infield, the batter's attempt at first base must be to the orange portion of the base; otherwise they will be called out.


3.     A defensive player shall only use the white portion of the base at all times.


4.     Once a base runner has attained first (1st) base, then they must use the white portion of the base. This includes:


·      After rounding the first base, if applicable, the base runner must return to the white portion.


·      When tagging up, the base runner must use the white portion.


·      When there is an attempted pick-off play, the base runner must return to the white portion.




If the base runner uses the orange portion at any time after the first (1st) attempt at first (1st) base and is not in contact with the white portion, then he is considered to be out of contact with the base and is to be called out if tagged or leads off.




Safe Line at Home Plate (From SPO Handbook)


Safe Line - A line drawn in foul territory starting at the top left-hand corner of home plate perpendicular to the third base line. A runner attempting to reach home must do so by touching the ground in foul territory on or beyond the SAFE line. Sliding into home plate is not allowed. The runner is out if he touches home plate whether or not a play is being made. A runner is not out if the plate is touched in an attempt to avoid a collision.


Clarification from previous season rules:


·      tagging is ALLOWED, previous rules preventing tagging of a runner coming home are no longer in effect


·      Commitment line is in effect for 2018 season.  Commitment line will be located approximately 2/3 of the way from third base to home plate (City Of Brampton linings template permitting).  Base runners can return to third base as long as they don't breach the commitment line as indicated on the field.




During close plays at the plate, this reduces the chances of collision between the players or contact from the ball. At times of the night, the batters' boxes are not level and cause a dip towards the plate, if a player attempts to slide, they risk injuring themselves or the catcher.








It is the intent of The Brampton Madoc Softball League to be a fun recreational league in which players of all ages and abilities may play with equal enjoyment.




1.     Annual registration fee to be determined by the Executive Officers.


2.     Upon request, players who resign prior to the commencement of play will be refunded the registration fee less $5.00.


3.     Up to the third week of play, upon request to the Treasurer (only), players who resign will be refunded the registration fee less $5.00. No refund will be made until the players' shirt is returned.


4.     Players who resign after the third (3rd) week of play or fail to return their team shirt on time will receive no refund.


5.     Players who give no notice of resignation will receive no refund.


6.     Full time players joining up to the third (3rd) week of play will pay the full registration fee. Players joining the league after the third week will pay a fee as determined by the Executive.


7.     League spare players will pay a fee determined by the Executive.


8.     No one other than the Treasurer shall collect any fees from players.


9.     Refunds will be the responsibility of the league Treasurer.


10.  Players accepting refunds cannot attend any league functions without paying normal admission.


11.  Fee schedule relates to full time and spare players.






1.     Player trades are not allowed. If for personal reasons, a player finds that he/she is not able to play for his/her assigned team, the player will be placed on the spares list. In this event, the Executive will make every effort to assign the player to the first team requiring a player of the same sex. These players will be given priority over other players on the spares list, only in regard to being assigned a fulltime position on a team.


2.     Spare players from the immediate previous year wishing to become full time players in the current year will be preferred to newly registered players.


3.     For registration, an applicant may only request to be paired with one (1) other player.


4.     Team sponsors may designate up to five core players for their team (including the sponsor).  


5.     Player draft will be done in a blind format with every effort made to balance each team equally.




• Scheduled for a two day event in September.