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Playoff Schedule

Here's your playoff schedule.Also, here's some reminders/changes for the playoff structure:

  • All round robin games are "No new inning after 1:10, and this must be called before an inning starts"
  • All round robin games are open last inning, and can end in a tie
  • Should a Wednesday round robin game be rained out, it is simply removed from the schedule
  • Home team ( left on the schedule ) is higher seeded from the season and will bat even if winning at the bottom of the final inning. As the max differential for a game is 7, the game will end if the home team is 7 runs up in the last inning.

Wednesday Sept 5 (Game 1 RR)
One Hit Wonders vs. Abbott Chiropractic - # 4 @ 6:30
Drill Safe vs. Royal Canadian Legion - #4 @ 9:10
Re/Max Pam Daniels vs. Royal Synergies - #8 @ 6:30
GlowZone 360 vs. Factory Tire - #8 @ 7:50
Omega Building Supply vs. Cornerstone - #4 @ 7:50

Wednesday Sept 12 (Game 2 RR)
Drill Safe vs. Factory Tire - #4 @ 6:30
One Hit Wonders vs. Cornerstone - #4 @ 7:50
Royal Synergies vs. Royal Canadian Legion - #8 @ 6:30
GlowZone 360 vs. Abbott Chiropractic - #8 @ 7:50
Re/Max Pam Daniels vs. Omega Building Supply - # 4 @ 9:10

Saturday Morning (Game 3 RR)
Drill Safe vs. Re/Max Pam Daniels - #1 @ 9:00
One Hit Wonders vs. GlowZone 360 - #4 @ 9:00
Omega Building Supply vs. Royal Synergies - #3 @ 9:00
Factory Tire vs. Abbott Chiropractic - #8 @ 9:00
Cornerstone vs. Royal Canadian Legion - #8 @ 10:40

Saturday Morning (Game 4 RR)
Drill Safe vs. Royal Synergies - #1 @ 10:40
One Hit Wonders vs. Factory Tire - #4 @ 10:40
Omega Building Supply vs. Abbott Chiropractic - #8 @ 10:40
Re/Max Pam Daniels vs. Royal Canadian Legion - #3 @ 12:20
GlowZone 360 vs. Cornerstone - #4 @ 12:20

Quarter Finals (Re-seeded & Top 8 Advance) Saturday

1 vs. 8 - #1 @ 2:45
2 vs. 7 - #3 @ 2:45
3 vs. 6 - #4 @ 2:45
4 vs. 5 - #8 @ 2:45

Semi Finals Sunday

Winner of 1 vs. 8
Winner of 4 vs. 5 #3 @ 10:00

Winner of 2 vs. 7
Winner of 3 vs. 6 #4 @ 10:00

Finals Sunday #4 @ 130

2018 Playoff Schedule Posted

Please note the Playoff Schedule for September 2018 has been posted

Regular season complete

Our regular season has been completed with NO RAINOUTS. We should consider ourselves lucky not to lose any playing time due to weather. We had a lot of close games and good times together. With no games to make up, the first two Wednesdays of September will be playoff games. We will get the schedule out shortly.

Summer Classic Tournament

We are now taking registration for players. The fee will be $10 per player and will include lunch provided by the league executive team. Please send your payment to payments@bramptonsoftball.com ASAP as this will be first come first serve as spots are limited.

Adjustment to game times for Diamond 8 effective week of July 18

We had an issue with games on diamond 8 running too long and decided to make some changes to keep things under control.



On diamond 8 only:


  1. Games will be limited to 7 innings or no new innings after 1 hour and 40 minutes, whichever comes first
  2. Game 1 starts at 6:45pm and game 2 starts at 8:30pm at the earliest or after game 1 is complete


We hope these changes will work for everyone.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Umpires have been informed of the changes.





Luigi LoTufo

President, BMSL

New game times for diamond 8 starting May 30

Please note that starting next week (May 30) games on diamond 8 only will start at 6:45PM and 8:15pm. Games will be 7 innings so the first game may run late and push back the 8:15pm game. Please be on time and ready to play. Thanks!

About BMSL

Registration for the 2018 season is NOW CLOSED.

BMSL is  an adult co-ed recreational softball league based in Brampton, Ontario Canada.  We were established in 1978 as a very social and fun league with players ranging in age from 19 to 50+.

Our league games are held on Wednesday nights at Sesquicentennial Park in Brampton between 6:30pm and 10:30pm from May to September.  Playoffs are held in a tournament format which takes places in September.

Registration options include individual (with the option of specifying one other registered player to be teamed up with) or as a group of up to five players with a team sponsorship. We do not register teams and our teams are drafted with the intent of being as equal and fair as possible.  Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome.

Modified softball pitching:  Ball is pitched underhand and into the batters strike zone to make the game more enjoyable and easier to hit the ball. Much different than slo-pitch which is pitched in with an arc and the strike zone is a mat.

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Sesqui Diamond 4
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