Age Requirements and Divisions


Our league cutoffs are as of April 30th, 2016

Rookie 5 - 7
Minor 8 - 10
Major 11 - 12
Senior 13 – 16

Parent Expectations & Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that their player(s) is on time for all games and practices. It is also the parent’s responsibility to communicate with the manager and/or coaches when a child will not be attending a game or practice to ensure the manager has enough players to field the team.
Parents are to work with the Team parent to ensure that fundraising money and any league activity money or paperwork is returned in a timely manner. Parents are expected to sign a code of conduct prior to a child’s registration being accepted. This is for the safety and well being of all players on the League.

If you have a problem during the season the following process MUST be followed:
1) Communicate the problem or concern you have with your Team Manager.
(If nothing changes and you are still not happy with something)

2) Speak to the Division Director
(If you are still having problems and would like to speak with someone else)

3) Inform a Board Member

The Manager is required to work with the parents and address each incident and then inform the League Director of the steps taken (if any). If the Manager cannot handle the situation the League Director will step in. All cases will be reviewed by the Board at the next subsequent meeting. All problems or concerns will be documented, addressed, and signed off by the board. The board has the final say when determining a course of action needed to be taken to resolve the problem and improve the safety of our players, coaches, and parents.

Registration Process and Fees


Registration: SYBL will hold onlne registrations for the upcoming 2016 spring season.  The registration fees include the purchase of uniforms, insurance, umpire fees, field maintenance and equipment purchases.

SYBL’s bounced check policy is as follows: If a check is uncollected for insufficient funds, the parent or guardian is responsible for not only the amount of the uncollected check but a $10 fee that is imposed on the League by the bank. This amount MUST be paid within one (1) week in the form of cash or money order to the Spotswood Youth Baseball League. The Board reserves the right to refuse any check from a party that is known to have bounced two (2) or more checks to our League. The Board also reserves the right to file for collections if the uncollected check is not made good within a reasonable amount of time.

Fundraising/Buyouts:The only other monies collected at registration are for buyouts of our fundraising activities. There are two fundraising events that are required by each participant. They are selling 40 bars of candy and canning at a local business for 1 hour. The buyout for the candy is $45 per family and the buyout for the canning is $15 per child. If you choose to sell the candy and do the canning, no additional money is required at registration. If you choose to sell candy and buyout only the canning, you may do so and vice versa.

Uniforms: All players are required to wear their team uniform at each game. SYBSL will purchase uniforms, which include a hat, shirt, pants and socks. It is the parents’ responsibility to order the correct size for their child at registration. Sample uniforms will be available at registration to help you determine the correct size. Parents are responsible for purchasing glove, cleats, an athletic supporter and heartguard(mandatory) for their child. All children must wear an athletic supporter and heartguard at each game and practice for their own safety. The manager will not be able to play the child if they come without the above mandatory equipment (ie, athletic supporter and heartguard).Uniforms will arrive shortly before the start of the season and will be handed out to the manager of each team. Either the manager or team parent will distribute the uniforms at practice prior to opening day.

Team Parent Selection & Responsibilites


Each team is required to select a team parent who is responsible for the communication with Team Parent Officer, the manager, coaches, and parents. Managers must advise the Team Parent Officer of their team parent prior to the start of the season. Each team parent must be able to be present at his/her team’s games. The team parent is required to coordinate work bond with each player’s parent, be a point of contact for the parents during all fundraisers, help coordinate picture night and any event or communication from the Board. As the communication link between the teams and the League, team parents must check their mailbox regularly. The team parent organizes her team for Opening Day, distributes uniforms, collects money and assists the Manager in any phone calls or help that the manager needs with communication with the parents.

Fundraising Activities & Group Events


Fundraising: All fundraising activities must be completed during the season on time or bought out prior to the season. Failure to complete the required fundraisers of candy and canning, or buy them out will result in losing the money from the player’s work bond. (See parent work bond responsibilities section). The League will utilize the Team Parents in communicating and coordinating fundraising and league activities.

All Candy Fundraising money is due by May 5th. Canning is collecting money outside a local business for 1 hour. Dates for canning will be available after the start of the season.

We will be organizing another fundraiser event during the season and more details will follow regarding the Fundraiser and what is expected from each family.

Group Events:
We are planning on holding our 5th annual end of the season Picnic. The exact date to be selected shortly. Trophies are given out at the picnic.

SYBL will participate in the Spotswood Borough Memorial Day parade in May. Players will march with their teams in full uniform.


The tryout is for the safety and well being of our players. The League Directors and Coaches will decide if the player is ready to move up to the next level or would benefit another year in the age appropriate division. All decisions are FINAL. A parent does have the right to say that they would like to keep their child down in the lower division (age appropriate) if they feel their child is not ready to move up.
We will inform you of the tryout date and location upon the completion of our last registration (January). If you do not participate in the tryout, you will be placed in the age appropriate division.

Seven (7) year olds who are interested in playing “UP” in the Minor Division must pass a MANDATORY tryout in order to play in the Minor Division.

Nine (9) year olds whose birthday falls between 4/30 and 7/31 and have played 2 years in the Minors, must pass a MANDATORY tryout in order to play in the Majors.

Ten (10) year olds who have played two years in the minors and want to move up to the Major Divison will have to go thru a MANDATORY tryout so we can assess any safety concerns.

All NEW players to SYBL (except 5 & 6 year olds) will also be called for a MANDATORY tryout to assess their ability and which division they should play in.