Thank you all who came out and supported our 80's Night Fundraiser. Please continue to share your pics via our Facebook Page.
Congratulations to all our " Basket Raffle" winners:
1. Jill Lubin " Give Thanks"
2. Leslie Saracino " Nutty Irishman"
3. Jim Ziegler " Night Out"
4. Rose Saracino " Coffee and Teas"
5. Linda Gutowski " Air Fryer"
6. Linda Marusic " Snowmen"
7. John Carlson " Christmas Cheer"
8. Gina Perez " Bucket o' Beer"
9. Jill Thaisz " Lets get Physical"
10. Frank Perez "Scratch off Tix"
11. Erika Levy (Grand Prize) "Urban Air Party"
Jim Coffey won our 50/50

SYBSL 2018!!


Reminder to All Coaches

Please make sure you send in a copy of your Rutgers Card to

Also all coaches will need to complete a background check this year.  Please see For the Coaches tab for link.



Thinking about Managing or Coaching this season?

 Don't have your Rutgers Safety Certificate? 

Please see the current Rutgers Safety Clinic schedule

Check the Rutgers site often as they constantly update their schedule.


Reminder To All Involved In Youth Baseball

He/She is just a little boy or girl.

He or she stands at the plate with his or her heart pounding fast. The bases are loaded; the die has been cast.

His or her parents can't help him or her; he or she stands all alone, a hit at this moment would send his or her team home. The ball nears the plate, he or she swings and he or she misses. There's a groan from the stands, with some loud boos and hisses. A father's voice cries, "Strike out this bum!" The batters eyes fill, (is this game fun?)

He/She is just a little boy or girl, who stands all alone, and at times like this he would rather be home. So open your heart and give him a break, for its moments like this, an adult you can make. Keep this in mind when you hear someone forget. He/She is just a little boy or girl and not a man or woman yet!

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Opening Day
Sunday, April 14, 2019   12:00 PM