SYBL Fund Raising

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Fundraising: All fundraising activities must be completed during the season on time or bought out prior to the season. Failure to complete the required fundraisers of candy and canning, or buy them out will result in losing the money from the player’s work bond. (See parent work bond responsibilities section). The League will utilize the Team Parents in communicating and coordinating fundraising and league activities.

All Candy Fundraising money is due by May 5th. Canning is collecting money outside a local business for 1 hour. Dates for canning will be available after the start of the season.

We will be organizing another fundraiser event during the season and more details will follow regarding the Fundraiser and what is expected from each family.

Group Events:

SYBL will participate in the Spotswood Borough Memorial Day parade in May. Players will march with their teams in full uniform.