Frequently Asked Questions




How is roller hockey different from ice hockey?

Roller hockey is similar to ice hockey except it is played with 4 skaters and a goalie. No checking is allowed. And there is no offsides or icing. This allows players more room to skate and more opportunity to touch the puck.

Is it easy to switch between ice and roller hockey?

Many ice hockey players play roller hockey because it strengthens strong stickhandling, passing, and skating skills.




When does the season run?

Our league runs two seasons per year. Spring (February-May) and Fall (August-November). 

How many games in a season?

A typical season runs eight games. Additionally there is a tournament at the end of the season, which usually runs 1-2 games. 

When are practices?

Each team will hold one one-hour practice per week, weather permitting. The day and time is determined by the coach and rink availability.

How are teams selected?

Prior to the start of a new season, every player is required to attend one of our evaluation sessions. Players are graded by coaches on skills such as skating, passing and shooting. Teams are selected in an attempt to create the most balanced across the league.

What are the age ranges?

Age divisions are 6U (6 & Under), 8U, 10U, 13U & 18U -- divisions may adjust based on actual registrations. For the Spring 2019 season, age determination is a player's age on 12/31/2018. HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ARE INELIGIBLE. Female players can play down one year through the 10U division, and then can play down two years for older divisions (so, a 15yr old girl can play in the 13U division). 



What equipment do I need to play?

Required equipment includes helmet with full face mask (HECC approved), mouthpiece, elbow pads, shin pads, hockey gloves, stick & skates, and protective cup (males). A girdle is optional but recommended, as it can help provide additional cushioning for newer skaters (who tend to fall...a lot).

What kind of stick do I need?

Because our league is played on concrete, sticks tend to get ground down rather quickly. For new and intermediate players we recommend wood sticks with an ABS technology. ABS is basically a strip of composite plastic that runs along the bottom edge of the wooden blade, whichs slows the speed of wear. More advanced players tend to use full composite sticks, as they are lighter and increase stickhandling and shooting ability. However, these sticks tend to be much more costly.